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The second edition of Roger Farbey's Ian Carr discography was published on 4th January 2016.
Elastic Dream, the second, revised edition of The Music of Ian Carr - A Critical Discography it is available as detailed below...

Elastic Dream, the second, revised edition of The Music of Ian Carr – A Critical Discography has just been published.

To obtain a FREE copy, for UK residents only please send a self-addressed Size 1 bubble-lined envelope (also known as a DVD mailer) stamped with £1.71 (1st class) or £1.54 (2nd class) to: Roger Farbey, c/o BDA Library, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS.

If you use a Royal Mail pre-paid sticker please be aware that the weight of the book will be approximately 400grams. Please do not use multiple ordinary letter stamps. You will only receive the book if you follow the instructions shown above.

Overseas readers, please email me for details of how to obtain the book here:

The book is not for sale, I am giving them away, but am requesting that UK residents follow the pre-paid envelope instructions above and that overseas readers reimburse me the postage via PayPal.

Simon Spillett's Tubby Hayes biography was published in April, 2015. Titled The Long Shadow of the Little Giant: The Life Work and Legacy of Tubby Hayes it has been published by Equinox Publishing...

Forty years have elapsed since the death of the British jazz legend Tubby Hayes and yet his story still continues to captivate. Beginning as a precociously talented teenage saxophonist, he took first the local and then the international jazz scene by storm, displaying gifts equal to the finest American jazzmen, appearing with none other than Duke Ellington and proving almost single-handedly that British jazz need not labour under an inferiority complex. Hayes' triumphs during the 1950's and 60's enabled still later generations of English musicians to take their music onto the world stage. However his story has rarely been accurately recorded.
Distorted by the folklore surrounding his tragically early death, aged only 38, much of what has been written, broadcast and recounted about Hayes has added only confusion to our understanding of his short but brilliant life.
In this book, award-winning saxophonist and writer Simon Spillett, widely regarded as the world's leading authority on Hayes and his work, painstakingly outlines a career which alternated professional success and personal downfall. Using credible eye-witness recollection, drawn from conversations with Hayes family, partners, friends and musical colleagues, unique access to Hayes own tape, photographic and personal archives, and extensive contemporary research material, Spillett has reconstructed the trajectory of his subjects life both candidly and respectfully.
Hayes meteoric musical rise from boy wonder to youthfully mature virtuoso, from saxophonist to multi-instrumentalist and composer is faithfully documented, as is his struggle for relevance as rock, pop and the avant-garde took over the musical landscape in the 1960s and, for the first time, the opaque world of his inconsistent and troubled personal life is recounted in full. His unsettled childhood, his battles with addiction and ill-health and his difficult personal relationships are all exposed, and the confused accounts of his final days are unravelled and made clear as never before. The Long Shadow of The Little Giant also traces Hayes' path through one of the most vibrant periods of history, beginning in the austerity of post-World War Two London, through the "never had it so good" 1950's, the "Swinging Sixties" and into the privations of the "State of Emergency" early Seventies, and outlines the cultural and musical developments of the times which underpinned the life of arguably the UK's finest ever jazz musician.

(A year later, In May 2016, Acrobat Records issued a CD to accompany the book. Titled the Long Shadow of the Little Giant the CD contains fourteen tracks selected by Simon Spillett to highlight some of Tubby's finest work.) Recent CDs...
The tracks included are:
Jordu - Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra (10/3/55)
Straight Life - Tubby Hayes Quartet (29/7/55)
Room 608 - Tubby Hayes Quintet(?) (18/2/56)
Reunion - The Jazz Couriers (8/8/57)
Guys And Dolls - The Jazz Couriers (16/2/58)
In Salah - The Jazz Couriers (Nov '58)
Delirium - Tubby Hayes with the Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra (1959)
Whisper Not - The Jazz Couriers (26/6/59)
Sunny Monday - Tubby Hayes Quartet (Dec '59)
Tubbsville - Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra (28/3/61)
All Members - Tubby Hayes Quartet (31/3/61)
What A Gas - Tony Kinsey Quintet (Sep '61)
Doxy - Tubby Hayes Quintet (?/10/61)
Lady 'E' - Tubby Hayes and The All-Stars (23/6/62)

George Chisholm's life story as told to Bob Sinfield "Gentleman of Jazz" was published in 2014 by can be purchased through

GENTLEMAN OF JAZZ tells the fascinating story of George Chisholm, from his boyhood in a part of Glasgow that made the Gorbals seem upmarket to a 50-year career in jazz that earned him the OBE. With a little help from broadcaster Bob Sinfield, George describes his eventful and often hilarious double life as trombonist and comedian, a combination that led him to work with everyone from Ambrose to Armstrong, from Goodman to the Goons, from Sinatra to Superman.

"George Chisholm was one of the few jazz musicians of international calibre that the UK produced in the pre- and post-war period...."

"He seems to have written the text of this book, although I suspect Mr Sinfield has added little touches. When the text is supposedly Chis speaking this method of an aside in brackets occasionally crops up again, and I wonder if it is Mr Sinfield rather than George..."

This is a comprehensive account of his career, from the hard times in Glasgow as a child through until his repeated appearances at Dick Gibson's jazz parties in Colorado. One does get a good picture of what George was like, which is the main object of the book. There are some interesting photos of George in the text and an attractive one on the cover..." Steve Voce Jazz Journal

Dick Pearce's biography "Dizzy Gillespie Was At My Wedding" was published in 2013 by Bill Scott and Iain Hannah and can be purchased through Amazon or

Hilarious, harrowing and at times genuinely moving, this unflinchingly honest book is a true view from the bandstand, a warts and all self portrait of one of Britain's most gifted and unassuming jazz heroes.
Jack Massarik, jazz critic London Evening Standard

Dick Pearce, one of the most brilliant and naturally gifted trumpet players Great Britain has ever produced, is also an equally talented author. Filled with his own special brand of humour, often tinged with irony, Dick's book takes us on a fascinating and highly informative journey through his life; from his childhood to all the highs and lows of his long and creative jazz career. Of special interest are many wonderful anecdotes about the years spent working with Ronnie Scott's great Quintet. Written in Pearce's uniquely personal style, the book is a real delight to read and I strongly recommend it.
Peter King - Legendary Saxophonist

This is a real insider's account of life as a professional jazz musician - candid, moving and often hilarious. Dick Pearce played trumpet in Ronnie Scott's band for 14 years. His memories of the enigmatic Ronnie are probably the most revealing and intimate ever published.
Dave Gelly MBE Jazz Critic

John Fordham's 'Jazz Man'. Subtitled The Amazing Story of Ronnie Scott and his Club Originally published in 1986 it was revamped and issued again in 1995 by Kyle Cathie Ltd and can still be purchased through Amazon...

Jazz Man follows the story of Ronnie Scott from his early days as a sharp-dressing, wise-cracking young dance band musician in a war-ravaged London, through his discovery of the New York 52nd street clubs of the 1940s and their inspiration of his dream - a jazz club that would become one of the best in the world.

The book recalls a post-war London of hipster fashions, jive talk, Soho bottle parties and early experiments with dryus; it tells the story of the coming of rock'n'roll, the shock of the avante-garde, and the ingenious and often hilarious manoeuverings of Scott and his friends to keep their eccentric business afloat.

From a series of conversations with Ronnie Scott, his friends and contempories, John Fordham has created a both a biography and an offbeat picture of life at the margins in post-war Britain.

" An object lesson in how it should be done...Fordham has delved into the milieu of early modern jazz in Britain, interviewed dozens of sources and finally ventures a psychological portrait of his subject against a detailed socio-musical background." Brian Case, Melody Maker

" A splendid biography...Fordham paints in words an atmosphere of Scott's early days in a lifestyle now alas defunct." Spike Milligan

John Chilton Who's Who of British Jazz Originally published in 1997 it was revised and a second edition issued in 2004 by Continuum and can still be purchased through Amazon...

New, expanded and updated edition (2004) of the best comprehensive survey of who's who of British jazz musicians. Over 900 biographies detail the work of musicians from every era of British jazz, ranging from those who played professionally before 1920 at the dawn of jazz in Britain, through to today's young stars.

Contains new information on the early careers of those who became famous and the chronological listing of events in each subject's life sheds new light on the development of jazz in Britain.

Thousands of facts are presented and some popular myths dispelled. Veteran musicians have been traced, even those who left the profession or emigrated have been included.

One of the most fully documented sources on the jazz musicians of any country outside the USA and a treasury of information covering every jazz style.

"The ultimate guide. More compelling than existing histories" Val Wilmer, Mojo

"Indispensible. An invaluable reference book" Ron Simpson, Jazz Rag

Ronnie Scott and Mike Hennessy Some of my best friends are blues Originally published in 1979 and 1988 by Northway Publications and can still be purchased through Amazon...

Written to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of his club Ronnie Scott tells here of his life as a musician and bandleader and as the founder, with his partner Pete King, of the great jazz club that bears his name. Ronnie said of running their world famous venue, 'It's made a happy man very old.'

The book provides a humerous and shrewd behind-the scenes account of the headaches and hysteria of running a club in the heart of London's Soho and coping with the capricious temperaments of some of the world's most celebrated artists.

Co-author Mike Hennessey is a leading jazz writer. He covered the international music scene for Billboard magazine for 27 years and has written hundreds of articles, reviews, album notes and biographical features for a wide range of jazz magazines.

Some of my best friends are blues includes contributions by Benny Green and Spike milligan, with cartoons by Mel Calman. This edition features a forward by Pete King.

"an enthralling book about a memorable character" Jim Godbolt,

"One of the best books about jazz and it's characters ever written" Music Week

"I laughed a lot" Brian Case, Melody Maker

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