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The other discographies on this website, apart from the Nat Gonella discography, cover vocal performances by Jimmy. This one covers all the records he made with Joe Loss, not just the vocals. Prior to joining Joe Loss Jimmy had recorded with Percy Chandler and had worked with Percival Mackey. Jimmy Mesene was a good guitarist and he recorded with Joe Loss from August 1933 to April 1934, just nine months. This was Joe Loss's first band and he went on to lead a successful dance band for many years. Where possible I have included the issue numbers of the original 78s but I have not attempted to include details of the many compilation CDs that have been released, often for short periods of time...
(Much of this information has been extracted from Brian Rust's excellent British dance band discographies...Information on record labels, original release details, and recording dates has been supplied by Leon Martel... )
Jimmy Mesene recordings with Nat Gonella, Percy Chandler, George Glover and Teddy Joyce...
From the "Melody Maker" May, 1933:

Joe Loss - Picker of Crooners
It is a curious sidelight on the profession that some quite inferior bands are always in the news, whilst others that may be extraordinarily competent are seldom mentioned when musicians foregather together.
among the latter may be numbered Joe Loss's band at the Kit Kat, in connection with which no sensations arise simply because the outfit is so consistently successful and does it's job so exceptionally well that people have come to regard it as one of those excellent institutions which one takes almost for granted.
At last Joe Loss has come more into the limelight, however, partly owing to one or two changes in the band, but chiefly due to the success scored by his vocalist, Jimmy Messini, who appears to be making quite a hit.
Jimmy Messini has an extremely powerful voice, is highly versatile in the way of style, and has a vital personality which ensures a favourable reception wherever he goes.
The history of this comparative newcomer is interesting. Originally in the shipping business in Cardiff, he came to town to seek his fortune, armed with little beyond a fair knowledge of the guitar plus a voice.
Art Christmas heard him sing and play and introduced him to Percival Mackay. "Mac" gave him a contract for a year or so straight away, and in this engagenent he gained some valuable experience.
Then Joe Loss, whose first vocalist, Ronnie Genarder, had been transferred to Roy Fox's band, heard him sing, and a contract was fixed up almost on the spot. now Jimmy is quite a riot at the Kit Kat, and adds still further laurels to those which Loss has already gained.
In addition Jimmy Messini has appeared as "the masked singer" at the Leicester Square Theatre, and many people will be interested to learn the identity of the mysterious vocalist who stepped into the sudden breach left at this theatre when Danny Malone failed to appear. A recording contract has been fixed up for Messini under the name of "The Masked Singer".
In Autumn 1933 Jimmy was also recording vocals with George Glover, but he appears to have been used just as a vocalist on these titles whereas with Joe Loss he appears to have been a member of the band. All the recording was done in London, the band appears to have had a regular monthly date in the studio...
Instruments: tp: trumpet, tb: trombone, cl: clarinet, as: alto sax, ts: tenor sax, v: violin, p: piano, ac: accordian, g: guitar,
b: bass, d: drums, voc: vocal.

Joe Loss' first recording date featured two Jimmy Mesene vocals:
JOE LOSS AND HIS BAND from the Kit-Kat restaurant - August 16th, 1933
Bert Collier (tp), Eddie Pratt, Danny Miller (cl,as), Arthur Birkby (ts), Harry Kahn (p,ac), Jimmy Messini (g,voc), Reggie Richmond (b), Jock Greenwood (d).
Happy Ending (vocal JM) / Mary Rose (waltz - vocal JM) (Edison Bell Winner - EBW 5592)

September 19th, 1933
same personnel
Reflections In The Water (waltz - vocal JM) / Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia (vocal JM) (EBW 5593)
Under A Blanket Of Blue (vocal JM) / Isn't It Heavenly (vocal JM) (EBW 5594)

October 14th, 1933
same personnel
It's The Talk Of The Town (vocal JM) / You've Got Everything (vocal JM) (EBW 5607)
Blue Moments (vocal JM) / Swingy Little Thingy (vocal JM) (EBW 5608)

A number of entries following have (vocal JM?). This is because the discography does not include details of who the vocalist was and we have not been able to confirm that it is Jimmy by hearing the record. It is almost certain that these vocals are by Jimmy and until further evidence comes up we have assumed that they are. Nobody else is listed as a vocalist with Joe Loss over this period...
November 20th, 1933
same personnel
Weep No More My Baby (vocal JM) / There's A Ring Around The Moon (vocal JM) (EBW 5620)
Just A Little Grey-Haired Lady (vocal JM) / Louisiana Lullaby (vocal JM?) (EBW 5621)
When He Tried To Kiss Her By The Duck Pond (vocal JM) this title was rejected and never issued

December 20th, 1933
same personnel
Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? (vocal JM) / Close Your Eyes (vocal JM) (EBW 5630)
Come Up And See Me Sometime (vocal JM) / Sundown In A Little Green Hollow (vocal JM) (EBW 5631)

circa January 20th, 1934
same personnel
I'll Be Faithful (vocal JM) / Count Your Blessings (vocal JM) (EBW 5640)
I Wanna Know All About You (vocal JM?) / That's Me Without You (vocal JM?) (EBW 5641)

February 21st, 1934
same personnel
Killing Time (waltz - vocal JM?) / Play To Me Gypsy (tango - vocal JM) (EBW 5650)
In Town Tonight ("Knightsbridge") / Temptation (vocal JM) (EBW 5651)

April, 1934
same personnel
In A Little Rocky Valley (vocal JM) / That's Love (vocal JM) (EBW 5662)
Let's Fall In Love (vocal JM?) / In Other Words We're Through (vocal JM) (EBW 5663)

May, 1934
same personnel
Ending With A Kiss (vocal JM) / One Morning In May (vocal JM) (EBW 5667)
I Love You Truly (waltz - vocal JM) / True (vocal JM) (EBW 5668)

Between these May recordings and his next recording date in August Joe Loss reorganised his band and Jimmy Mesene was out. It took two people to replace him - Harry Case took his guitar seat and Chick Henderson replaced him as vocalist. The band increased to fourteen with more brass and a three piece violin section added - times were looking up for Joe and Jimmy went to join Nat Gonella

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