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Peter King

Peter King, (not to be confused with the Pete King who was Ronnie Scott's jazz club partner), was born in Kinston upon Thames, Surrey in August, 1940. He briefly played violin and piano, then clarinet before switching to alto sax. In 1958 he played in Gus Galbraith's Sextet before he first appeared on the London jazz scene at Ronnie Scott's on it's opening night in 1959. Peter was just eighteen and Benny Green, writing in 1969 said had Ronnie Scott's Club died overnight and been heard of no more it could still have justified its existence by pointing to a discovery like Peter King.
Similar sentiments were expressed by Dave Gelly in 1986 the finest alto saxophonist that Britain has ever produced, and one of the finest in the world today.
He formed a quartet in 1959 that included drummer Dickie Devere whose addiction to drugs probably helped lead King into a drug habit that lasted for many years. From 1960 to 1961 he was with John Dankworth but he left to visit Paris where he sat in with Bud Powell and had an opportunity to work with Ray Charles. He then worked with Tony Kinsey in the early 1960s and led his own quartet at Annie's Room from 1963 to 1965 and then began to work with the top names in British jazz including Tubby Hayes and Stan Tracey as well as US musicians Philly Joe Jones and Maynard Ferguson.
King had technical skills and a complete command of the bebop language and was the only British alto sax player with the urgency of Charlie Parker. Parker's music had a major impact on him, he had thought about playing piano or trumpet, but when he heard Parker he was fascinated and he chose to play the alto sax. He was hailed as a 'new star' after his appearance at the opening night of Ronnie Scott's but somehow failed to progress in the jazz world of the time. After working with John Dankworth, Maynard Ferguson, Colin Purbrook, Philly Joe Jones and Tony Kinsey in the 1960s he was usually a member of other people's bands including being a permanent member of Tubby Hayes' big band as well as working in the theatre.

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By his own admission he was becoming bored with jazz and began to get involved with classical music. He admits he had a barren period in the 1960s and early 1970s when, for extramusical reasons things got out of hand and he began to lose touch with his jazz basics. He admits to wasted years but by the 1970s he was playing bebop again with the Bebop Preservation Society with Bill Le Sage and Hank Shaw.
King always had an interest in classical music which he feels may have held him back in the jazz world. Although he was voted New Star in the Melody Maker readers poll in 1961 he spent many years adding his considerable talent to other peoples bands.
Lack of recognition at home has not prevented wide appreciation in the US and over the years has worked with such legends as Bud Powell, Elvin Jones, Max Roach, Milt Jackson, Lalo Schifrin, Frank Foster's 'new' Count Basie Band and the Ray Charles Orchestra. He has also recorded with Hampton Hawes, Al Haig, Philly Joe Jones, Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, and many others. Peter has also worked with many great singers, such as Ernestine Anderson, Joe Williams, Anita O'Day, and made albums with Jon Hendricks and Jimmy Witherspoon.
In the early 1980s Peter grasped the nettle of leading his own band. People had been urging him to form his own band for many years, but in his own words, A lot of it is my own fault - a lack of pushing, a reluctance to make decisions... the concept of being a leader is completely alien to my way of thinking... I want everybody playing what they want to play... if there is disagreement about a tune I might not play it, I'd do something else rather than have incompatability...
He regards his best quartet as the one that included John Horler, Dave Green and Spike Wells. The resulting Spotlite records feature a proper working band used to playing together and all of a very high standard.
The 1990s found him with Charlie Watts quintet and big band and Stan Tracey again plus Phil Woods and he co-led a quintet with Gerard Presencer in 1994. During the late 1990s he practiced with classical music pianist Julian Joseph and began to work on his opera Zyklon, a large scale musical work premiered in New York in 2004. In 1999 he made a debut in the West End theatre in a Sir Peter Hall directed production of Lenny based on the life of comedian Lenny Bruce. He died in August 2020 at the age of eighty.
Musician, writer Simon Spillett comments: Altoist Peter King's arrival in the London jazz world of the late-1950s was confirmation of the ever-improving standard of British performers. Previously men like Dankworth and Derek Humble had never come within a country mile of assimilating any of Charlie Parker's fire-breathing urgency... he had technical skills on the saxophone that were close to those of Tubby Hayes and...a complete command of the bebop language...
FLYING HIGH A Jazz Life And Beyond by Peter King
(Northway Publications, 2011)
After over fifty years as a jazz musician Peter King has written an unsentimental and at times harrowing book about his life. King reveals himself as an individual of many contradictions. He is a man of great talent, high intelligence with an obsessive personality and a collection of insecurities, phobias and anxieties that he has struggled with all his life.
He reveals an intense teenage interest in aero modelling that led to him dreaming of a career in aerodynamics before a mental breakdown resulted in him having to leave school. He has subsequently achieved international recognition in the world of competitive unpowered model flight.
He is a self taught musician and had an early love of Charlie Parker's music, transcribing and studying Parker's solos in detail. He loved classical music from an early age and taught himself classical composition and orchestration. when bored with jazz he turned to studying classical music and worked for years to write an opera Zyklon that has been performed in America.
His fragile personality led to early drug addiction and he acknowledges many wasted early years and it was not until the early 1980s that he took the plunge, got off drugs and started to lead his own groups. He considers himself lucky to be alive and credits his late wife Linda to whom he was married for nearly forty years as the reason. His early life was blighted by chronic anxiety symptoms that often required medical help and he had an inferiority complex in his relationship with his brother who was brilliant at school. He studied and practiced at home on his own for month after month and was convinced he was useless. After venturing out to jam with musicians of the calibre of Tubby Hayes and Don Rendell he was a surprise choice for the opening night of Ronnie Scott's club when it launched in 1959. Too anxious to get there on his own, his father had to drive him to the date.
The book contains many anecdotes and stories about the musicians he has worked with including John Dankworth, Tubby Hayes,Annie Ross, Ray Charles and many others.
The text contains many tips and insights on playing jazz that will be of help to student jazz musicians.
"Flying High" review by Jamie Evans here...
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra - July 1st/5th, 1960 (The criminal - Roulette/Columbia) - recording details: Johnny Dankworth
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra - 1960 (Curtain Up - Columbia) - recording details: Johnny Dankworth

Annie Ross - 1962 (Annie Ross with the Tony Kinsey Quintet - Xtra 1049)
Annie Ross (vcl) acc. by Les Condon (tp), Peter King (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Brian Brocklehurst (b), Tony Kinsey (d).
Bellini/The Ballad Of The Water And the Flame/The Ass' Song/The Liberal Man/Johnny/Sick Man/Things/He/Go to the Wall/The Ballad Of The Ape And The Judge/The General/Western Ladies.

This was Peter King's first opportunity to be heard on LP in a small group context although the material is not exactly suited to his fiery bebop style. Also, his first instrument is alto sax - on this record he is featured exclusively on tenor...
Tony Kinsey Quintet - March 7th/9th, 1963 (Decca SKL4534)
Les Condon (tp), Peter King (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Kenny Napper (b), Tony Kinsey (d).
How to Succeed...*/Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm*/I Believe In You*/Coffee Break*/Been A Long Day*/Ciderella Darling*/Paris Original*/Grand Old Ivy*/A Secretary Is Not A Toy*/Brotherhood Of Man*/Love From A Heart Of Gold*/The Company Way*.
(*Vocalion CD - How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying/Time Gentlemen Please)

Johnny Dankworth Orchestra with featured guests - July 29th/August and October, 1963 (What the Dickens! - Fontana)- recording details: Johnny Dankworth
Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra - April 20th/24th, 1964 (Tubb's Tours - Fontana) - recording details: Tubby Hayes
Tubby Hayes Big Band - probably January 31st, 1965 (BBC TV live from the Marquee Club, London) - recording details: Tubby Hayes

The Johnny Burch Octet - 14th November, 1965
Hank Shaw (tp), Ken Wray (tb), Ray Swinfield (as), Peter King (ts), Harry Klein (bs), John Burch (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Mike Scott (d).
The Champ (3 takes)/Ritual (2 takes)/Oleo (3 takes)/Milestones/Stolen Moments {2 takes)/I Remember Clifford/Going Up North/Nightwalk/Del Sasser.
(Rhythm and Blues Records CD - Johnny Burch Octet "Jazzbeat")

Annie Ross - December 20th, 22nd, 1965 (Annie Ross live in London - Harkit)
Annie Ross (vcl) acc. by Peter King (ts), Brian Lemon (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Benny Goodman (d).
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home*/Lady's In Love With You*/Lil' Darlin'*/Right To Love*/Solomon*/I'm In The mood For Love*/Moody's Mood For Love*/Jumpin' At The Woodside*/Doodlin'*/Don't Wait Too Long*/Love For Sale*/Going to Chicago*/Soon It's Gonna Rain*/Saturday Night Fish Fry*.
(*Harkit CD - Annie Ross live in London 1965)

Dakota Staton - ?, 1966 (Dakota '66 - Columbia SCX 6020)
Dakota Staton (vcl) acc by: Ray Swinfield (fl), Peter King (as), Harry Klein (bs), Alan Branscombe (keyboards) + others.
(Twelve titles).

On February 25th, 1966 the Ronnie Ross Big Band recorded a live programme for NDR, in Hamburg, Germany, that was later released in Germany on a CD under the title Old Friends & New Faces from Britain. The band comprised: Stu Hamer (tp, flhrn), Greg Bowen, Les Condon (tp), Keith Christie, Johnny Marshall (tb), Bob Burns (sop,as,cl), Peter King, Danny Moss (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Bill Le Sage (p,vib), Spike Heatley (b), Tony Carr (d). Titles on the CD were: Jazz Jury/Double Exposure/ Chow Min/No Longer/Three For the Bar/C-Deck/Way Out Back/Since Yesterday/Spike's Bit/Tobago/Veronique/Ugetsu. (three other titles were recorded that were not included on the CD: Small Fry/Maltese Cross/Jazz Jury-2)

Anita O'Day - 1966 (BBC625)
Anita O'Day (vcl) acc. by Peter King (as), Brian Lemon (p), Kenny Napper (b), Benny Goodman (d).
Let's Fall In Love/Get Out Of Town + 3 unidentified titles.

The four titles below and form part of an album that includes other titles by the Georgie Fame Band and Quintet and the Harry South Big Band...
Georgie Fame Quintet - c1967 (The two faces of Fame - CBS63018)
Georgie Fame (vcl,org,g), Peter King (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Terry Oxley (d).
You're Driving Me Crazy/C'est La Vie/It Could Happen To You/Do It The Hard Way.

Al Cohn / Zoot Sims - November, 1967 (World Record Club T/STP714)
Al Cohn, Zoot Sims (ts), Peter King (as,ts), Jackie Sharpe (ts/bs), Stan Tracey (p), Rick Laird (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
Shoft/Haunted Jazzclub/Zoot's Tune/Cockle Row/Pete's Tune No1/Flaming June/Mr. George/Pete's Tune No2.

Trailways Express - October 1st, 1968 (Trailways express - Polydor 2460142)
Les Condon (tp), Chris Pyne (tb), Peter King (as), Harold McNair (ts,f), Mike Pyne (p), John Hart (b), Philly Joe Jones (d).
Trailways Express*.
(*Black Lion CD - Mo' Joe)

Trailways Express - October 31st, 1968 (Trailways express - Polydor 2460142, Black Lion 157000)
Kenny Wheeler (tp,fhrn), Chris Pyne (tb), Peter King (as), Harold McNair (ts,f), Mike Pyne (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Philly Joe Jones (d).
Mo' Joe*/Gone, Gone, Gone*/Baubles Bangles And Beads*/Here's That Rainy Day*/Ladybird*.
(*Black Lion CD - Mo' Joe)

The Tubby Hayes Big Band - Live at The Torrington Arms, London, May 8th, 1969 (Rumpus - Savage Solweig SS003)
Greg Bowen, Ian Hamer, Les Condon, Kenny Wheeler (tp), Keith Christie, David Horler, Bill Geldard (tb), Peter King (as), Tubby Hayes, Brian Smith (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Louis Stewart (g), Ron Mathewson (b), Spike Wells (d).
Song For A Sad Lady*/Dear Johnny B*/March Brown*/Rumpus*/You Know I Care*/Seven Steps To Heaven*/The Inner Splurge*.
("Savage Solweig CD - The Tubby Hayes Big Band - Rumpus)

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra - July 25th, 1969 (BBC broadcast - 200% Proof) - recording details: Tubby Hayes
Tubby Hayes Big Band - Summer, 1969 (Live at Torrington) - recording details: Tubby Hayes
Tubby Hayes Big Band - BBC broadcast live from Ronnie Scott's, London August 24th, 1969 (IAJRC50) - recording details: Tubby Hayes

Stan Tracey Quartet - September 10th, 1969 (Free An' One - Columbia SCX6385)
Peter King (as), Stan Tracey (p), Dave Green (b), Bryan Spring (d).
Rainbow At The Five Mile Road/Free An'one/Step An' Fetch It/The Green Kingspring Of Springgreen/Nudgy Vamp.
(Resteamed CD - Stan Tracey - wisdom in the wings)

Stan Tracey Big Band - October 8th, 1969 (The Seven Ages of Man - Columbia SCX6413)
Derek Watkins, Tony Fisher, Greg Bowen, Hank Shaw (tp), Keith Christie, Chris Pyne, Mike Gibbs (tb), Peter King, Dennis Walton (as), Tony Coe (ts,cl), Alan Skidmore (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Frank Ricotti (vib,cl), Stan Tracey (p,arr,cond), Dave Green (b), Bryan Spring (d).
All The World's A Stage/Overture And Beginners/Matinee Days/Enter Romeo/Principal Centre Stage/Wisdom In The Wings/Panto Panta/Kindly Leave The Stage.
(Resteamed CD - Stan Tracey - wisdom in the wings)

p The Bebop Preservation Society was a group originally set up by Bill Le Sage in the 1970s to keep the old bebop music alive. By this time modern jazz had moved on and bebop was becoming a forgotten sound. The group used to play at the Bull's Head (London), on and off during the 1970s and early 1980s and were recorded on a number of occasions...
The Bebop Peservation Society - May 24th/25th, 1971 (Dawn DNLS3027)
Hank Shaw (tp), Peter King (as), Bill Le Sage (p,vib), Spike Heatley (b), Brian Spring (d). (1-PK and HS out, Le Sage plays vibes).
Donna Lee/High Score/Ah-leu-cha/Warpaint/Eronel/Godchild/Whats New-1/One Bass Hit/Perhaps.

Be-Bop Preservation Society - March 17th, 1972 (BBC TV "Late Night Line-Up" Broadcast)
Tubby Hayes (ts), Hank Shaw (tp), Peter King (as), Bill Le Sage (p,vib), Spike Heatley (b), Bryan Spring (d).

Red Rodney with the Bebop Peservation Society - January 20th/21st, 1975 (Spotlite SPJLP7)
Hank Shaw, Red Rodney (tp), Peter King (as), Bill Le Sage (p,vib), Spike Heatley (b), Martin Drew (d).
Blue'n Boogie/Seven Dials/If You Could See Me Now (HS out)/Merry-go-round/March Of Ides/Sid's Delight/ Esmereldas/Tenderley (HS, PK out).

The Bebop Peservation Society - May 19th, 1975 (Spotlite 500 - Pied Piper of Hamelin Suite)
Hank Shaw (tp), Peter King (as), Bill Le Sage (p,el-p), Spike Heatley (b), Martin Drew (d).
Hamelin/Council Cakewalk/Rats/Pied Piper/Mayor's Got The Blues/Little Boy Lost/Town Band Birthday.

Stan Tracey Octet - September 20th, 1976 live at "Shaw Theatre" (Steam)
Harry Beckett (tp,flhrn), Malcolm Griffiths (tb), Art Themen (sop,ts), Peter King (as), Don Weller (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Dave Green (b), Brian Spring (d).
Cuddly/Agitato Sympatico/Fraggie Bar Waltz/Timespring/Concerto For An Out Of Tune Piano. (All of these titles remain unissued).

Stan Tracey Octet - November 29th, 1976 live at "100 Club" (Steam SJ103)
Harry Beckett (tp,flhrn), Malcolm Griffiths (tb), Art Themen (sop,ts), Peter King (as), Don Weller (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Dave Green (b), Brian Spring (d), Donald Houston (narr).
Cuddly*/Agitato Sympatico*/Fraggie Bar Waltz*/Timespring*. (Four other titles recorded remain unissued: A Jam/Spectrum No 1/Spectrum No 2/Spectrum No 3).
(*ReSteamed CD - Early works)

It was not until 1977 that King recorded a title under his own name and the first LP under his own name was not recorded until 1982, 23 years after his debut at Ronnie Scott's. Through the 1980s he produced a number of superb quartet/quintet albums...
Jon Eardley / Peter King Quintet - August 12th and 13th, 1977 (Spotlite SPLP17)
John Eardley (fhrn), Peter King (as), John Taylor (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Mickey Roker (d).
Konigswenz (JE out)/Andree/Sabam/Horseshoe Curve/Namely Me (PK out)/Laugh Little Boy/Bell And Bugle.

Georgie Fame/Annie Ross & Hoagy Carmichael - cJune, 1981 (In Hoagland - Bald Eagle BELP181)
Ian Hamer (tp), Chris Pyne (tb), Peter King (as), Dick Morrissey (ts,fl), Geoff Castle (keyb), Martin Kershaw (g), Daryl Runswick, Jim Richardson (b), Barry Morgan (d), Georgie Fame, Annie Ross, Hoagy Carmichael (vcl).
The Old Music Master/Hong Kong Blues/Georgia On My Mind/One Morning In May/My Resistance Is Low/I Get Along Without You Very Well/Rockin' Chair/Drip Drop/Stardust/Up A Lazy River/Small Fry/Two Sleepy People/Hoagy's Help/Hoagland.

Spectrum - April 9th, 1982 (Tribute to Monk - Lansdowne Series Switch SWLP001) Kenny Wheeler (tp,flhrn), Peter King (as), Art Themen (as,ts), Bobby Wellins (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clarke Tracey (d).
In Walked Bud/Pannonica/Misterioso/I Mean You/'Round Midnight/Little Rootie Tootie.

In May 1982 Peter King was working in a quartet with the pianist Al Haig in a concert celebrating the bebop age. The concert was taped, and so delighted was Haig with the music that the record was subsequently issued by Spotlight. Haig died six months after the record was made, it was actually his last recording and considered by many to be his best...
Al Haig / Peter King / Art Themen Quintet - May 27th, 1982 (Bebop Live - University College School, London - Spotlite SPJLP23)
Peter King (as), Art Themen (ts,ss) Al Haig (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Bag's Groove*/Laura*/Loverman*/Straight No Chaser*/Night In Tunisia*/Birks Works*/Theme*/Star Eyes#/Ornithology#/(# other titles not known).
(*Spotlite CD Bebop Live - University College School, London)
(#Spotlite CD Bebop Live2 - University College School, London)

During the early 1980s King had rebuilt his style in a post John Coltrane manner, much assisted by hours of practice with the pianist Julian Joseph. Spotlite Record's Tony Williams began to record King mainly in a quartet setting...

Peter King Quintet - June 23rd, 1982 (New Beginning - Spotlite SPJ520)
Dick Pearce (tp,flhrn), Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
Blues for S.J./Fourth Emergence/Before The Dawn (DP out)/Dolphin Dance/Gingerbread Boy.

Peter King Quartet - July 4th, 1982 (New Beginning - Spotlite SPJ520)
Peter King (as), Pat Smythe (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Spike Wells (d).
Dream Dancing/Three Blonde Mice/Confirmation.

Peter King / John Horler - July 15th, 1982 (New Beginning - Spotlite SPJ520)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p).
New Beginning.

Peter King Quartet - January 29th, 1983 (East 34th Street - Spotlite SPJ524)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
Reverse Thrust*/East 34th Street*/3/4 Peace*/Evan's Song*/Solitaire*/Warm Breeze*.
(*Spotlite CD - East 34th Street)

Stan Tracey Octet - July 9th, 1983 - (Now - Steam SJ110)
Harry Beckett (tp), Malcolm Griffiths (tb), Peter King (as), Art Themen (sop,ts), Don Weller (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Spectrum No. 2.

Peter King Quartet - March 4th, 1984, recorded in Paris (Hi fly - Spotlite SPJ527)
Peter King (as), Pete Jacobsen (p), Ricardo del Fra (b), Phillipe Briand (d), cga added on (1).
Blues For S.J.*/Hi fly (1)*/Star Eyes*/Old Folks*/Seven Steps To Heaven*.
(*Spotlite CD - Hi fly)

Peter King Quintet - May 26th, 1984 (90% of one per cent - Spotlite SPJ529)
Henry Lowther (tp), Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
Old Folks (HL out)/3/4 Peace/Eye Of The Hurricane/Gingerbread Boy.

Vic Lewis + BBC Radio Band + guest soloists - September 12th, 1985 (Tea Break - Concept VL3)
Nigel Carter, Brian Rankine, Paul Eshelby, Bill Turner (tp), Jiggs Whigham, Colin Sheen, Gordon Campbell, Eddie Lorkin, Andrew Fawbert (tb), Peter King (as), Bud Shank (as,f), Barry Robinson, Gordon Keates, Peter Warner, Nigel Nash, Derek Hyams (reeds), Andrew Finter (p), Len Walker, Graham Atha (g), Roy Babbington (b), Ronnie Verrall (d), John Chambers (perc), Vic Lewis (ldr).
Intermission Riff/Lover Man*/Apple Piety*/Conversation*/Triple Threat*/Sunday Girl*/The Loneliest Monk*/Go Litely*.
(*Vocalion CD - Vic Lewis & His Big Band - Tea Break, Back Again & Jazz From Two Sides)

Stan Tracey Big Band - January 5th and 6th, 1987 - (Genesis - Steam SJ114)
John Barclay, Steve Sidwell, Henry Lowther, Guy Barker (tp), Chris Pyne, Malcolm Griffiths (or Pete Smith#), Geoff Perkins (tb), Peter King, Jamie Talbot (as), Art Themen (ts), Tony Coe (ts,cl), Phil Todd (bs), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d).
The Beginning*/The Light*/The Firmament (p,b,d only)*/The Gathering*/The Sun Moon And Stars*/Feather, Fin And Limb*#/The Sixth Day*#.
(*Trio Records CD - Genesis) The titles above form part of this CD.

The M & B Jazz Awards - March 11th, 1987 (Big Bear27)
Humphrey Lyttelton (tp), Roy Williams (tb), Peter King (as), Dick Morrissey (ts), John Barnes (bs), Brian Lemon (p), Martin Taylor (g), Dave Green (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Carolina Diner/Cherokee (omit DM)/I May Be Wrong (omit DM)/If I Could Be With You (omit DM)/Times A Wastin'/Jumpin At The Woodside.

Recorded live at the Bull's Head Inn in Barnes, SW London. The CD is available only from the Bull's Head...
Peter King/Dick Morrissey/Martin Taylor - 1987 (Live At The Bull - Bull's Head Music BHM001)
Peter King (as), Dick Morrissey (ts), Tony Lee (p), Ian Scott-Taylor (b), Terry Jenkins (d).
Bird Feathers*.
Tony Crombie (d) replaces Terry Jenkins.
They Can't Take That Away From Me*.
Peter King (as), Ian Scott-Taylor (b), Terry Jenkins (d).
You've Changed*.
(*Bulll's Head Music CD - Live at the Bull)

Peter King Quartet - late 1980s (Focus - KPM Music KPM 1307)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
For Starters/East 34th Street/Bill's Peace/New Chapter/One By One/Focus.

Peter King Quartet / Sextet - April 20th and 30th, 1988 (Brother Bernard - Miles Music MM076)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Tony Levin (d).
But Beautiful*/Dalin*/Overjoyed*.
add Guy Barker (tp) and Alan Skidmore (ts).
Brother Bernard*/Chatelet*/Playing In the Yard*.
(*Miles Music CD - Brother Bernard)

Stan Tracey and his Orchestra - December 6th, 1988 - (We Still Love You Madly - Mole 13)
Henry Lowther, John Barclay, Steve Sidwell, Guy Barker (tp), Malcolm Griffiths, Chris Pyne, Geoff Perkins (tb), Peter King (as), Jamie Talbot (as,cl), Art Themen, Alan Skidmore (sop,ts), Phil Todd (bs), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d).
I'm Beginning To See The Light*/Creole Love Call*/Festival Junction*/In A Sentimental Mood*/Stomp, Look And Listen*/Blue Feeling*/I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart*/Passion Flower*/Just Squeeze Me*/Mood Indigo*/Lay-by*.
(*TAA CD - We still love you madly) The titles above form part of this CD.

On January 1st, 1989 King recorded in Barcelona, Spain at the 'Cova del Drac' with a quintet which included pianist Tete Montilou and trumpeter Gerard Presencer in a session that was issued as a 2 LP set by Fresh Sound Records FRS117. Titled 'New Year's Morning '89' the set was released in 1989...

Tony Crombie and friends - January 5th and 19th, 1989 (Tony Crombie and friends - Renaissance REN001)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Tony Crombie (d), Johnny van Derrick (vln), Tony Dakis (accord).
Tango '89/Fallen Bird (TC,TD out).
Peter King (as), Tony Crombie (p), Kenny Baldock (b).
Sophisticated Lady.
Guy Barker, John Barclay (tp), Pete Beachill (tb), Peter King (as), Tony Coe (ts), Dave Bishop (bs), Gordon Beck (el-p), Roy Babbington (b-g), Barry Morgan (d), Simon Morton (perc).
12 Note Samba/Raising The Temperature.

Jackson Sloan - March 20th to 25th, 1989 (Old Angel Midnight - Prima001)
Jackson Sloan (vcl) with Dick Pearce (tp,flhrn), Peter King (as), Dick Morrissey (ts), Kim Burton (accor), Anthony Kerr (vib), Mark Fitzgibbon (p,org), John Mayer (vln), Martin Klute (b), Graeme Culham (d), Mark Cotgrove (cga), Marie Wilson (vcl-1), Jimmy Deuchar (arr)
Devil May Care/So Many Times/Old Angel Midnight/One And All Blues/We'll Be Together Again/Jack Kerouac Said/Spiderman/Caravan (1), Bernie's Tune/Walk On The Wild Side.

Peter King - Dick Morrissey - Jim Mullen - July 12th, 1989 - (Perfect Pitch - Spotlite)
Peter King (as), Dick Morrissey (ts), Jim Mullen (g), Brian Dee (p), Mario Costronari (b), Bobby Worth (d).
Down Home*/Milestones*/Body And Soul*/With You I'm Born Again*/I'm Walkin'*.
(*Spotlite CD - Perfect Pitch).

Stan Tracey Big Band - August 9th, 1989 - (Genesis and more - Steam SJ114)
John Barclay, Alan Downey, Henry Lowther, Guy Barker (tp), Malcolm Griffiths, Pete Beachill, Geoff Perkins (tb), Peter King, Jamie Talbot (as), Art Themen, Alan Skidmore (ts), Dave Bishop (bs), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Afro-Charlie*/Murdering The Time*/Feather, Fin And Limb*/Paradise Club*.
(*Trio Records CD - Genesis) The titles above form part of this CD.

UFO2CD detailed below is a box that contains the CD, a reprint of Charlie Watts' 1960s cartoon story book "Ode to a high-flying Bird" and a high quality sepia photograph of Charlie Parker by William P. Gottlieb. A string section was added to (1) at a later date...
Charlie Watts Quintet - February 26th and 27th, 1991 - (From one Charlie... - UFO2CD)
Gerard Presencer (tp), Peter King (as), Brian Lemon (p), Dave Green (b), Charlie Watts (d).
Practicing, Practicing, Just Great/Black Bird, White Chicks/Blue Bird/Terra De Pajaro (1)/Bad Seeds - Rye Drinks/Relaxing At Camarillo/Going, Going, Going, Gone.

Guy Barker Extravaganza - July / August, 1991 - (Isn't It? - Spotlite SPJ CD545
Guy Barker (tp), Jamie Talbot (sop), Peter King (as), Nigel Hitchcock (as,ts), Julian Joseph (or Stan Tracey) (p), Jim Mullen (g), Alec Dankworth (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Isn't It?*/Sheldon The Cat*/Day And Night*/I Get Along Without You Very Well*/Good Speed*/In A Mist*/Amandanita*/All Or Nothing At All*/Lament For The black Tower*.
(*Spotlite CD - Isn't It?)

In 1991, 1993 and 1995 the Charlie Watts Quintet recorded three CDs with strings. Titled A Tribute to Charlie Parker (Continuum 19201-2), Warm & Tender (Continuum 19310-2), and Long Ago and Far Away (Virgin/Pointblank VPBCD35). The Charlie Watts Quintet comprised: Gerard Presencer (tp), Peter King (as), Brian Lemon (p), Dave Green (b), Charlie Watts (d)...

The session below was recorded in London for Blue Note. Some titles were issued in Europe on a compilation CD, others appear to have been issued on cassette. All titles may have been issued in the UK on a Blue Note LP...
Stan Tracey Octet - March 30th, 1992 - (Portraits plus - Blue Note BLT1006)
Guy Barker (tp), Malcolm Griffiths (tb), Peter King (as), Art Themen (sop,ts), Don Weller (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Dave Green (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Mainframe/Newk's Fluke/Rocky Mount/One For Gil/Clinkscales/Spectrum No.2 (2 takes one inissued).

Stan Tracey + others - November 30th, 1993 - (Live at the QEH - Blue Note BLT1010)
Guy Barker (tp), Malcolm Griffiths (tb), Peter King (as), Art Themen, Don Weller (ts), Stan Tracey (p), Dave Green (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Mainframe (unissued)/The Cuban Connection/Clinkscales (unissued).
Derek Watkins, Tony Fisher, Henry Lowther, Guy Barker (tp), Pete Beachill, Malcolm Griffiths, Geoff Perkins (tb), Peter King, Jamie Talbot (as), Art Themen (ts), Alan Skidmore (sop,ts), Dave Bishop (bs), Stan Tracey (p), Roy Babbington (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Feather, Fin And Limb (unissued)/The Sun, Moon And Stars (unissued)/Come Sunday (PK + rhythm)/The Sixth Day.

Joe Temperley - July 8th, 1994 (Concerto for Joe - HepCD2062)
Steve Sidwell, Eddie Severn, Gerard Presencer (tp), Gordon Campbell, Nichol Thomson (tb), Peter King (as), Duncan Lamont (ts), Joe Temperley (bs), Brian Kellock (p), Alex Dankworth (b), Jack Parnell (d).
Awright Already*/Blues*/Slow For Joe*/A Day At A Time*/Sixes And Sevens*.
(*Hep CD - Concerto for Joe)

An ambitious mixed concept album that includes a couple of arrangements or variations on music by classical composers Bartok and Purcell with four tracks being a meditation on the death of racing driver Ayrton Senna...
Peter King Quintet - October, 1994 (Tamburello - Miles Music CD083)
Peter King (as), Stephen Melling (p,keyb), James Hellawell (keyb), Alex Dankworth (b), Stephen Keogh (d,perc).
Yes And No*/You Taught My Heart To Sing*/Dido's Lament*/Boxer's Demise*/Leona*/Bess, Oh Where's My Bess*/My Mans Gone Now*/Theme From Bartok's Violin Concerto No 2*/Tamburello*/Ayrton*/Imola*/Please Don't Ever leave Me* .
(*Miles Music CD - Tamburello)

Peter King Quintet - 1994, Live at Ronnie Scott's (Speed Trap - Ronnie Scott's Jazz House JHRT402)
Peter King (as,sop-1), Gerard Presencer (tp), Stephen Melling (p), Alex Dankworth (b), Stephen Keogh (d).
Mr Silver/My Man's Gone Now(1)/T.N.K./Naima/Speed Trap/Getting On.
(Jazz House Retro CD - Speed Trap)

Don Weller Big Band - October 7th, 8th, 1996, Live at the "Bull's Head", London (Live - 33Records 33JAZZ032)
Gerard Presencer, Henry Lowther, Steve Waterman, Patrick White (tp), Mark Nightingale, Malcolm Griffiths, Pete Beachill, Andy Fawbert (tb), Peter King, Nigel Hitchcock (as), Don Weller, Art Themen, Mornington Lockett (ts), Alan Barnes (bs), David Newton (p), Andrew Cleyndert (b), Bryan Spring (d).
Four By Three*/Fruit*/Susa*/Bongate Song*/Haytiming*/Glowsy Roe/High Force* .
(*33JAZZ CD - Live at the Bull's Head, Barnes)

Peter King Quartet - 1997, Live at the Purcell Room (Janus - Miles Music)
Peter King (as,sop), Gordon Beck (p), Jeremy Brown (b), Stephen Keogh (d) + Lyric String Quartet.
Mr Silver*/Le Sunset*/Ronnie's Sorrow*/Janus (a suite in five movements)* .
(*Miles Music CD - Janus)

George Coleman / Peter King Quintet - 1997, Live at Ronnie Scott's (Blues Inside Out - Jazz House 46)
George Coleman (ts), Peter King (as), Julian Joseph (p), Dave Green (b), Mark Taylor (d).
Blues Inside Out*/Venus Fly Trap*/Never Let Me Go*/Tune Up*/Oleo*/Nancy* .
(*Jazz House CD - Playing Changes / Blues Inside Out)

Peter King - July, 1998 (Lush Life - Miles Music CD085)
Peter King (as,sop), Stephen Melling, Gordon Beck (p), Steve Hamilton (keyb), Jeremy Brown (b), Stephen Keogh (d) + Lyric String Quartet.
In A Monochrome*/Lush Life*/Tristan's Song*/Lust*/Brazilian Thoroughfare*/Scrambled Eggs*/Spirit Of Ornette*/Prisoner's Song*/Ronnie's Sorrow*/Flying Scotsman* .
(*Miles Music CD - Lush Life)

Peter King Quartet - 2002, (Footprints - Live at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London - Miles Music)
Peter King (as), Stephen Melling (p), Jeremy Brown (or Arnie Somogyi) (b), Stephen Keogh (d).
Intro*/Sue's Good News*/Footprints*/Soul Eyes*/Search For Peace*/In A Monochrome*/Inner Space*/Joshua .
(*Miles Music CD - Footprints - Live at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London)

Stan Tracey Trio with Peter King - January 30th, 2004, (The Last time I Saw You- Trio CD)
Peter King (as), Stan Tracey (p), Clark Tracey (d).
No More Blues/Beatrice/Clover/Cool Street/Deluge/ Come Sunday.
(Trio CD - The Last time I Saw You)

Stan Tracey - July 24th, 2004, Appleby Jazz Festival (At the Appleby Jazz Festival - ReSteamed CD)
Steve Waterman, Noel Langley (tp), Roger Williams (tb), Peter King, Nigel Hitchcock, Andy Panayi, Evan Parker (reeds), Stan Tracey (p,arr), Andrew Cleyndert (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Feather, Fin And Lamb/Well You Needn't/'Round Midnight/Epistrophy/The Sixth Day.
(ReSteamed CD - At the Appleby Jazz Festival)

Peter King / Alan Skidmore - 2006 (Forever Elvin - Miles Music)
Peter King (as), Alan Skidmore (ts), Steve Melling (p), Alec Dankworth (b), Martin Drew (d).
Blues Minor/Body And Soul/EJs Blues/Oriental Folk Song/Three Card molly/After The Rain/Passion Dance.
(miles Music CD - Forever Elvin)

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