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Melodisc 78 rpm records (British modern jazz)...

Melodisc's known modern jazz records are detailed below. These issues were on 10inch 78rpm format although in 1954 they produced an EP. Only the British modern jazz releases are listed below, there are missing numbers - I do not know whether every number was used but I suspect not. Further details including band personnels are available by clicking on the links, just make a note of the date and titles and look them up in the discographies. If you have any additions or corrections I would very much appreciate the information. The date shown is the recording date...

EPM7-117 Joe Harriott ?/2/54 Cherokee / Out of nowhere
Summertime / April in Paris
1118 Ralph Sharon 27/3/50 Burman's bauble / Boptical illusion Sharon
1119 Ralph Sharon 27/3/50 I've got you under my skin / There's a small hotel Sharon
1129 Ralph Sharon 29/8/50 A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square / The very thought of you Sharon
1156 Ralph Sharon 9/1/51 Two sleepy people / Stalking the stork Sharon
1161 Ralph Sharon 14/9/50
Sloppy Joe
You go to my head
1169 Ralph Sharon 22/3/51 Slightly Oliver / A bachelor guy Sharon
1176 Ralph Sharon 9/1/51
Heart and soul
You are my lucky star
1179 Tito Burns 10/8/51 I can't get started / Euphoria TBurns
1195 Tito Burns 10/8/51 Elora / Pina cholade TBurns
1197 Tommy Whittle 13/9/51
All the things you are
Sam's say
1198 Bertie King ?/10/51 Donkey City / Sweetie Charlie King
1200 Ralph Sharon 25/10/51 Someone to watch over me / Don's dilemma Sharon
1201 Ralph Sharon 25/10/51 I get a kick out of you / Skylark Sharon
1205 Tommy Whittle 13/9/51
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
Portland Place
1206 Tito Burns 9/1/52 Over a bottle of wine / Undecided TBurns
1213 Ralph Sharon 25/10/51
Zing went the strings of my heart
Serenade in blue
1216 Kenny Baker 3/3/52 The very thought of you / The night is long Baker
1218 Victor Feldman 3/3/52 Lullaby in rhythm / Serenity Feldman
1227 Ralph Sharon 13/11/51
Where or when
1232 Victor Feldman 3/3/52 Just friends / Euphony Feldman
1233 Tommy Whittle 23/10/51 Wit's end / Night and day Whittle
1286 Vic Ash 16/2/54 Softly as in a morning sunrise / Blue Room Ash
1315 Vic Ash 16/2/54 Ain't misbehavin' / Lullaby of the leaves Ash

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