Melody Maker Readers Poll (1944)...
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Melody Maker Readers Poll (1944)...
For 74 years the "Melody Maker" was the weekly 'trade paper' for the dance band and jazz musician as well as all those interested in the modern music scene. One of it's continuing features and talking points were the annual Readers Polls where readers voted under different categories for individual musicians, singers, big bands and a host of other categories.
The annual jazz polls were a major event in the jazz world but were also an important historical record of the state of British jazz through the years and preserve some of the historical perspective on British Jazz.
This page carries abridged results of the 1944 poll.
This was the first Poll for a number of years and I do not have the full results so I have put together a brief highlights page until I can get the full details. The "Favourite Band Leader" section was not introduced until 1945 so there are no details here for that.
Favourite Dance Bands : 1 RAF No 1 Dance Orchestra 2 Geraldo and his Orchestra 3 Carl Barriteau and his Orchestra
Trombone : 1 George Chisholm 2 Don Macaffer 3 Ted Heath
Miscellaneous Instruments : 1 Stephane Grappelly 2 Roy Marsh 3 Jack Simpson
Favourite Soloist : 1 George Chisholm 2 Carl Barriteau 3 Harry Parry
Female Vocalist : 1 Anne Shelton 2 Doreen Villiers 3 Beryl Davis
Piano : 1 George Shearing 2 Yorke De Sousa 3 Pat Dodd
Drums : 1 Jack Parnell 2 Jock Cummings 3 Maurice Burman
Alto-Sax : 1 Harry Hayes 2 Derek Neville 3 Douggie Robinson
Small Combination : 1 Buddy Featherstonhaugh Sextet 2 Stephane Grappelly Sextette 3 Arthur Mouncey's RAF Quintet
Tenor-Sax : 1 Aubrey Frank 2 George Evans 3 Buddy Featherstonhaugh
Trumpet : 1 Leslie 'Jiver' Hutchinson 2 Kenny Baker 3 Dave Wilkins
Male Vocalist : 1 Benny Lee 2 Johnny Green 3 Denny Dennis
Clarinet : 1 Carl Barriteau 2 Harry Parry 3 Nat Temple
Guitar : 1 Ivor Mairants 2 Joe Deniz 3 Vic Lewis
Bass : 1 Tommy Bromley 2 Charlie Short 3 Joe Nussbaum

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