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Danny Moss...
Tenor sax player Danny Moss was born in Redhill, Surrey in 1927. Started playing the clarinet at the age of thirteen and at sixteen was working on tenor and clarinet. He served in RAF band from 1945 to 1948, then worked briefly with Vic Lewis before joining Tommy Sampson in1949. He was then with Oscar Rabin from 1950 to 1951 before joining Ted Heath for three years from 1952. After working with Geraldo 1955 to 1956 he joined the Johnny Dankworth Orchestra from March 1957 to December 1961 where he was the featured tenor player.

After Dankworth he moved out of big band work to get more solo space and played in the mainstream bands of Humphrey Lyttelton, Alex Welsh, Sandy Brown and Freddy Randall. From 1964 he worked as a freelance soloist and gradually moved into studio work although this remained a minimal part of his musical life. He guested with all types of groups and was active in jazz education. He moved permanently to Perth, Western Australia in 1989 but continued to return to Europe for festivals such as Nice, Montreux and Berlin. He was in demand around the world and played at the Newport and Rhode Island festivals in the US as well as visiting West Africa, Canada, the Far East, South America and Australia.

Danny Moss was impossible to pigeon hole into any particular type of jazz. He skirted the British bebop scene and formed his own quartet in 1962 which continued through to the early 2000s. He toured and played with a wide variety of musicians including pianist Ralph Sutton, Wild Bill Davison, Peanuts Hucko and Stan Tracey. After he moved to Australia he was a regular performer at Australian trumpeter Bob Barnard's Jazz Parties and recorded for the German record company Nagel-Heyer.
He always had a prediliction for pretty tunes, he rarely recorded jazz compositions, and played with a breathy style and a strong vibrato that came through particularly well on ballads that he played with a strong hint of Coleman Hawkins. He loved to play tenor / piano duets and recorded in this format with Eddie Thompson, Brian Lemon and Stan Tracey.
Danny Moss
Danny Moss

Danny married singer Jeanie Lamb in January 1964 and later recorded with her. He was awarded the MBE in 1990.

He died in Perth on May 30th, 2008 after a two year battle with cancer.

Thanks are due to Danny's son, bass player Danny Moss Jnr, who has added the following:
Danny was a tremendously committed jazz musician. He built on his already big reputation as a soloist in the 1960s by travelling widely and refusing to take the easier lucrative option of backing pop musicians etc. in the studios. He very much "stuck out" for his musical integrity when the rock revolution was making life hard for jazz musicians. The pay off was that for the rest of his life his unique talent as a major soloist earned him a huge reputation with musicians and fans alike worldwide. He was therefore in demand and toured worldwide...a privilege very few British musicians have earned and was a touring and recording companion of no less then Louis Armstrong,Tony Bennett, Clark Terry, Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Barney Kessel...etc. etc.
Danny was a star soloist and often guested with trios, small groups, big bands...or played beautiful fills and solos for Tony Bennett (with whom he toured widely with and recorded many albums) and many other high profile singers....
His Quartet "The Danny Moss Quartet" was formed in 1962 with Brian Lemon pno, Spike Heatley bs, and Tony Carr drs. (soon replaced Tony Carr). In the 1970s the Quartet had Brian Lemon pno, Kenny Baldock bs, and Martin Drew drs... They toured widely including memorable appearances at the Montreux Jazz festival with Jeanie Lambe. The 1980s Quartet was Brian Lemon pno, Len Skeat bs, and Derek Hogg drs. This continued as the personnel into the late '90s when John Pearce replaced Brian Lemon. From Early 2000s the Quartet comprised John Pearce or John Critchinson pno, Danny Moss Jnr bs, Martin Drew drs. As you can see the quartet was a long standing one! Brian Lemon being the main constant. Many fine albums were also recorded for various labels...

Ted Heath and his Music - August 21st, 1955 (Decca) - Ted Heath

Johnny Keating All Stars - March 19th and 20th, 1956 (British Jazz - Oriole MG20011)
Jimmy Faulds (f,oboe), Henry Mackenzie (cl), Danny Moss (b-cl), Ian Saunders (EngHrn), Bill Le Sage (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Ronnie Verrell (d).
(*Vocalion CD - British Jazz & Swinging Scots)

From the 2nd to 11th July, 1956 MGM recorded an LP(C764) comprising the ''Moondog Suite'' and Kenny Graham's "Suncat Suite". Full details of these works are available from Trunk Records who re-issued the work in CD and vinyl format in February, 2010...
Kenny Graham and his Satellites - July 2nd, 1956 (MGM C764)
Kenny Graham (ts), Danny Moss (b-cl), Jack Ellory (f), Stan Tracey (cel), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d), Don Lawson (perc), Yolanda (voc), + maracas.
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

Kenny Graham (ts), Danny Moss (b-cl), Stan Tracey (acc), Martin Slavin (vib), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d), Don Lawson (perc).
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

July 3rd, 1956 (MGM C764)
Kenny Graham (ts), Danny Moss (b-cl), Jack Ellory (fl), Stan Tracey (or Martin Slavin) (vib), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d), Don Lawson (perc).
2 West 42nd Street*.
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

July 4th, 1956 (MGM C764)
Kenny Graham (ts), Danny Moss (b-cl), Jack Ellory (fl), Sammy Stokes (b), Don Lawson, Eddie Taylor (perc).
Fog On The Hudson*.
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

Kenny Graham (ts), Danny Moss (b-cl), Jack Ellory (fl), Stan Tracey (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Don Lawson, Eddie Taylor (perc).
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

Kenny Graham (ts), Danny Moss (b-cl), Jack Ellory (fl), Stan Tracey (vib,p), Martin Slavin (xyl), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen, Don Lawson, Eddie Taylor (perc).
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

July 11th, 1956 (MGM C764)
Vic Ash (cl), Danny Moss (b-cl), Jack Ellory (fl), Ivor Slaney (oboe), Stan Tracey (vib, cel), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen, Don Lawson, (perc), Yolanda (voc) + marimba.
(*Trunk Records CD - Moondog and Suncat Suites)

George Chisholm and his Blue Notes - October 11th, 1956 (Beltona/Decca)
George Chisholm (tb), Danny Moss (ts), Bernie Fenton (p), Harold Smart (org), Ernie Shear, Bert Weedon (g), Major Holley (b), Micky Greeve (d).

From March 1957 until December 1961 Danny Moss played tenor sax and clarinet in the Johnny Dankworth Orchestra. He took part in a number of recording sessions between May 1957 and 1961. He returned for occasional dates in 1963 and 1964. Full details of all these recordings can be seen on the Johnny Dankworth web page...

Humphrey Lyttelton and his Band - October 9th, 1962 (Late Night Final - Columbia 33SX 1484)
Humphrey Lyttelton (tp,tenor-hrn), Danny Moss (ts,b-cl), Joe Temperley (bs,b-cl), Ian Armit (p), Pete Blannin (b), Eddie Taylor (d).
Stompy Jones/Mood Indigo/Hornerama/The African Wife/Portugese Folk Song/Noddy In Jazzland/Late Night Final/One For Buck/Jeep's Blues.

Humphrey Lyttelton and his Band - July 5th, 1963 (Me and Buck - World Record Club T324)
Humphrey Lyttelton (tp,tenor-hrn), Buck Clayton (tp), Danny Moss (ts), Joe Temperley (bs), Ian Armit (p), Pete Blannin (b), Eddie Taylor (d).
Tam/Stardust (HL,JT out)/Humph And Me (DM,JT out)/Fondu Head/Sentimental Journey/Me And Buck (DM,JT out)/Autumn Leaves (HL,JT out)/Cotton Tail.

The album below is listed in Lord's Jazz Discography and although the musical arrangements include a string section, John Cobley, (who sent the picture on the right), says of it: "I believe it is much more than mood music. Danny is in great form here; each track allows him to improvise extensively. I would call it a "with strings" album, and in my humble view, a fine jazz album". It is probably the first LP under the name of Danny Moss and unfortunately is now very difficult to find...
Bass player Spike Heatley adds "the recording with strings was organised by myself when I was involved in production for the wrc, unfortunately I couldnt get the lead violinist I wanted and had to use a section organised by the contractor who always played lead himself, thus the rather stilted string sound on some tracks, however I got Danny recorded and that was the main issue as far as I was concerned, I actually conducted the orchestra on that recording and try as I might, couldn`t get the strings get a more rythmic feel"...

Danny Moss + strings - c1966 (Like someone in love - Columbia SX6117)
Les Condon (flhrn), Danny Moss (ts), Brian Lemon (p), Lennie Bush (b), Tony Carr (d) + unknown strings.
Like Someone In Love/Was there A Call For Me?/That's All/Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You/Passing Strangers/Madame La Gimp/Dear Old Stockholm/All Too Soon/When It's Sleepy Time Down South/It Had To Be You/Small Fry/Eleanor/Sonny Boy.

On February 25th, 1966 the Ronnie Ross Big Band recorded a live programme for NDR, in Hamburg, Germany, that was later released in Germany on a CD under the title Old Friends & New Faces from Britain. The band comprised: Stu Hamer (tp, flhrn), Greg Bowen, Les Condon (tp), Keith Christie, Johnny Marshall (tb), Bob Burns (sop,as,cl), Peter King, Danny Moss (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Bill Le Sage (p,vib), Spike Heatley (b), Tony Carr (d). Titles on the CD were: Jazz Jury/Double Exposure/ Chow Min/No Longer/Three For the Bar/C-Deck/Way Out Back/Since Yesterday/Spike's Bit/Tobago/Veronique/Ugetsu. (three other titles were recorded that were not included on the CD: Small Fry/Maltese Cross/Jazz Jury-2)

In the late 1960s Danny Moss was often to be heard at the "Fox and Hounds" pub in Haywards Heath, Sussex, playing with the Fourteen-Foot Band. The band made a live recording for Doug Dobell's 77 label and was later released on CD. Not all titles appear on the LP...
Danny Moss, Jack Jacobs and the Fourteen Foot Band - October 23rd, 1968 (77 LEU12/33)
Ted Ambrose (tp,vcl), Mike Collier (tb), Jack Jacobs (as), Danny Moss (ts), Terry Whitney (p), Alan Kennington (b), Derek Middleton (d).
The Good Life (2 takes)*/Special Delivery Stomp*/I Want A Little Girl*/I Want To Be Happy*/Solitude*/Blue Lou (2 takes)*/Squatty Roo*/Stardust (2 takes)*/You Can Depend On Me*/Shine*/Black Butterfly (2 takes)*/Foxy (2 takes)*.
(*Progressive CD - The Good Life)

Despite the title of the record Harry James is not listed in the album personnel although Danny Moss Jnr states that James does play on the record below. As you would expect the record features Kenny Baker although Danny Moss gets a few opportunities to solo. The recording was made in London for a US record label and the Harry James Appreciation Society in the UK seems to have been involved...
Harry James - Mr Trumpet - January 6th, 7th and 8th, 1972 (Harry James - Mr Trumpet - Hindsight Records HCD 702)
Probable personnel: Kenny Baker, Greg Bowen, Tony Fisher (tp), Don Lusher, Maurice Pratt, Ray Premru (tb), Roy Willox, Ray Swinfield (as), Keith Bird, Danny Moss (not Bob Efford as listed) (ts), Manny Winter (bs), Ronnie Price (p), Arthur Watts (b), Kenny Clare (d), + strings.
The Sheik Of Araby/And The Angels Sing/Sweet's Fun/More Than You Know/Hot Lips/Jazz Me Blues/When It's Sleepy Time Down South/Don't Be That Way/Indiana/When The Saints Go Marching In.

Barney Kessel - July, 1973 (Yesterday - Black Lion BLCD760183)
Barney Kessel (g), Danny Moss (ts), Stephane Grappelli (vn), Brian Lemon (p), Kenny Baldock (b), John Richardson (d).
Tea for Two/Laura/Old Devil Moon plus other titles. Moss and Grappelli sit in on one track only.

Kenny Baker's All Stars - December 9th, 1974 (77 S56)
Kenny Baker (tp), Don Lusher (tb), Tommy Whittle, Danny Moss (ts), Tony Lee (p), Tony Archer (b), Bill Eyden (d).
Sweet Sue*/Out Of Nowhere*/Three Little Words* (DL,DM out)/It Don't Mean A Thing* (DL,DM out).
(*Progressive CD - Kenny Baker's All Stars & The Dick Morrissey Quartet)

Stan Reynolds - September, 1975 (The Greatest Swing Band In The World...is British - Pye NSPL18469)
Big band including: Leon Calvert, Kenny Baker (tp), Vic Ash (cl), Ronnie Ross, Ronnie Chamberlain, Danny Moss (saxes).
(13 Titles).

Eddie Thompson and Danny Moss - 1976 (Misty...and Moody - One-Up/EMI OU2116)
Danny Moss (ts), Eddie Thompson (p,el-p) .
These Foolish Things/you Go To My Head/Buff's Blues/Passing Strangers/Autumn In New York/Blue And Sentimental/The Midnight Sun/Misty.

Ted Heath Band - 1977 (The Ted Heath Band in concert - Decca) - Ted Heath

Danny Moss Quintet - October 15th, 1979 (Straighten up and fly right - Flyright FLY209)
Geoff Simkins (as), Danny Moss (ts), Brian Lemon (p), Len Skeat (b), Derek Hogg (d).
If Dreams Come True/Then I'll Be Tired Of You/I'm Beginning To See The Light/Got The World On A String/Don't be That Way/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Royal Garden Blues/Don't Blame Me/Fine And Dandy/Weaver Of Dreams/Candy.

The Pizza Expree All Star Jazz Band - Pizza Express, London August 22nd, 1980 (Pizza Express PE5506)
Digby Fairweather (cnt), Roy Williams (tb), Dave Shepher (cl), Danny Moss (ts) Brian Lemon (p), Len Skeat (b), Kenny Clare (d).
(12 titles).

Tony Evans Orchestra - c1980 (Artistry in Swing - Tema STE3031)
Tony Fisher, Ronnie Hughes (tp), Don Lusher, Bobby Lamb (tb), Ray Swinfield (cl,as,fl), Danny Moss, Duncan Lamont (ts), unknown g,p,b,d.
Opus One,Take The 'A' Train/Satin Doll/Eager Beaver/Perfidia/American Patrol/Perdido/Jersey Bounce/Nine Twenty Special/String Of Pearls/Sentimental Journey/Flying Home.

Danny Moss with Geoff Simkins - April 15th, 1981 (Struttin' and Stompin' - Flyright FLY218)
Geoff Simkins (as), Danny Moss (ts), Brian Lemon (p), Len Skeat (b), Derek Hogg (d).
Street Of Dreams/Just You, Just Me/You've Changed/Jones/In A Mellotone.

June 22nd, 1981 (Struttin' and Stompin' - Flyright FLY218)
Personnel as April 15th.
Struttin' With Some Barbecue/It's Allright With Me/Careless Love/Stompin' At The Savoy/I Want To Be Happy.

Danny Moss & Brian Lemon - February 1st, 1985 (At University College Oxford Macjazz CD004)
Danny Moss (ts), Brian Lemon (p).
(12 titles)

Bob Barnard - November 3rd, 1986 (Class! - Calligraph CLGLP017)
Bob Barnard (cnt), Roy Williams (tb), Dick Wellstood (p), Dave Green (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Opus 0.75 (two takes)/My Foolish Heart/Mama's Gone/Goodbye/The Orange riff/Bondi Blue/Linger Awhile/My Melancholy Baby/I Cried For You/Tea For Two/Alice Blue Gown/I'm Glad There Is You/Moon River.

Danny Moss & Joe Huss - 1988, recorded in Switzerland (Swingtime(?) - (label unknown))
Danny Moss (ts), Max Neissendorfer (p), Peter Cischeck (b), Joe Huss (d).
Take The A-train/Cry Me A River/Broadway/La Belle/Honeysuckle Rose/Careless Love/I'm Glad There Is You/Lady Be Good/St. Thomas.

George Masso - September, 1992. (The wonderful world of George Gershwin - Nagel Heyer 001)
George Masso (tb), Randy Sandke (tp), Kenny Davern (cl), Danny Moss (ts), Eddie Higgins (p), Len Skeat (b), Jake Hanna (d).
(titles to follow).
(*Nagel Heyer CD - The Wonderful world of George Gershwin)

The Buck Clayton Legacy - November, 1993 (All The Cats Join In - Nagel Heyer)
Randy Sandke (tp), Jerry Tilitz (tb), Antti Sarpila (cl,sop, ts), Harry Allen, Danny Moss (ts), Brian Dee (p), Len Skeat (b), Oliver Jackson (d).
Titles include: Buckin' The Blues*/Jumpin' At The Woodside*/Robbins Nest* + others.
(*Nagel Heyer CD - All The Cats join In)

The Buck Clayton Legacy - November, 1993 (All The Cats Join In - Encore Live - Nagel Heyer)
Randy Sandke (tp), Jerry Tilitz (tb), Antti Sarpila (cl,sop, ts), Harry Allen, Danny Moss (ts), Scott Robinson (bs), Brian Dee (p), Len Skeat (b), Butch miles (d).
Titles include: Buckin' The Blues*/Jumpin' At The Woodside*/Robbins Nest* + others.
(*Nagel Heyer CD - All The Cats join In - Encore Live)

The recording detailed below was made in Hamburg for a German record company and is available in CD format in the UK...
Danny Moss Quartet - November 7th, 1994 (Weaver of dreams - Nagel Heyer)
Danny Moss (ts), Brian Lemon (p), Len Skeat (b), Butch Miles (d).
9.20 Special*/This Heart Of Mine*/Then I'll Be Tired Of You*/Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me*/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes*/A Gal In Calico*/In A Mellotone*/My Romance*/Fine And Dandy*/Weaver Of Dreams*/I'm Glad There Is You*/Poor Butterfly*/There's No You*/Blue Lou*.
(*Nagel Heyer CD - Weaver of Dreams)

Spike Heatley with Roy Williams and Danny Moss - c2002 (The other side of the coin - Renella Records CD)
Roy Williams (tb), Danny Moss (ts), Dave Newton (p), Mick Hanson (g), Spike Heatley (b), Malcolm Mortimer (d).
Ramsey By-Pass/Little Victor/Walking Down/Into Somewhere/Spike Island Special/It Was Always You/Mr M. and Mr B./A Song For My Children/The Ringer/Just Another Dream/A Cheerful Little Earful/Home Bass.
(Renella CD - The other side of the coin)

The recording detailed below was recorded live in the intimate surroundings of the Jazz Room in Perth, Western Australia in early 2003. The CD was sold only at Danny Moss gigs in Australia...
Danny Moss Quartet - early 2003 (Blues & Ballads)
Danny Moss (ts), Matt Jodrell (p), Danny Moss Jr. (b), Federico Duende (tracks 1-4) / Michael Perkins (d).
Jones/Weaver Of Dreams/Feather Merchant/I Should Care/Too Late Now/After Supper/Just In Time/Blue Monk.

During the late 1990s and 2000s Danny Moss continued to record, often for the German Nagel Heyer label. I do not have details of all of these recordings but brief information is given below for anybody wishing to obtain these CDs...

Danny Moss meets Buddhas Gamblers 1996 (A Swingin' affair- Nagel Heyer CD)

Danny Moss Quartet 1998 (Keeper of the flame - Nagel Heyer CD)
Danny Moss (ts), John Pearce (p), Len Skeat (b), Charley Antonini (d).
Three Little Words*/When Your Lover Has Gone*/Nancy With The Laughing Eyes*/Speak Low*/Where Or When*/Moten Swing*/Cry Me A river*/It Only Happens When I Dance With You*/Taking A Chance On Love*/Should I Care*/Perdido*/I Thought About You*/Small Fry*.
(*Nagel Heyer CD - Keeper Of The Flame)

Danny Moss / Roy Williams Quintet 1998 (Steamers! - Nagel Heyer CD)
Danny Moss and others... 1999 (Highlights of Bob Barnard's Jazz Party - NIF NUF CD)
Danny Moss 2000 (Returns to Bob Barnard's Jazz Party - NIF NUF CD)

Danny Moss Quintet with Roy Williams 2000 (Steam Power - Nagel Heyer CD)
Danny Moss (ts), Roy Williams (tb), John Pearce (p), Len Skeat (b), Charley Antonini (d).
Shiny Stockings*/Doggin' Around*/Limehouse Blues*/This Is Always*/Robin Hood*/Day By Day*/I'm Beginning To See The Light*/Falling In Love Is Wonderful*/Robbin's Nest*/But Beautiful*/Surrey With The Fringe On Top*/This Can't Be Love*/Take The A Train*.
(*Nagel Heyer CD - Steam Power)

Stan Tracey & Danny Moss 2003 (Just You, Just Me - Avid CD)
Danny Moss (ts), Stan Tracey (p)
Just You, Just Me*/Indian Summer*/I'm Beginning To See The Light*/Gone With The Wind*/Good Queen Bess*/It's Easy To Remember*/I Can't Give You Anything But Love*/Day Dream*/Drop Me Off In Harlem*/All Too Soon*/Just Friends*.
(*Avid CD - Just You, Just Me)

Danny Moss 2003 (Swings again at Bob Barnard's Jazz Party - NIF NUF CD)
Danny Moss 2004 (Fine and dandy at Bob Barnard's Jazz Party - NIF NUF CD)

Acker Bilk - Danny Moss Quintet 2004 (Acker & Danny - Avid CD)
Acker Bilk (cl), Danny Moss (ts), John Critchinson (p), Cass Caswell (b), Eddie Taylor (d).
Sweet Georgia Brown*/Apex blues*/Rosetta*/If I Had You*/Strutting With Some Barbecue*/Mean To Me*/My Blue Heaven*/Undecided*/Sweet Lorraine*/Buddy Bolden's Blues*/When your Smilin'*/Passing Strangers*/Sugar*/Georgia On My Mind*/Please Don't Talk About Me*/When I'm Gone*.
(*Avid CD - Acker & Danny)

Danny Moss and others... 2005 (Easy to remember - NIF NUF CD)
Danny Moss 2006 (At Bob Barnard's Jazz Party - NIF NUF CD)
Danny Moss, Scott Hamilton and others... 2007 (Mainstream Giants of Jazz 2007 - Robinwood CD)

Danny Moss - John Dankworth Quintet November 28th, 2006 (About 42 years later - Avid CD)
Danny Moss (ts), John Dankworth (as), Dave Lee / John Horler (p), Allan Ganley (d).
Good Queen Bess*/This Heart Of Mine*/C Jam Blues*/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face*/Man*/Squatty Roo*/Like Someone In Love*/There Will Never Be Another You*/Jive At Five*/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams*/Things Ain't What They Used To Be*.
(*Avid CD - About 42 years later)

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