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Included below: Johnny Weed, Dick Katz, Dave Lee, Frank Horrox, Lennie Metcalfe, Bill McGuffie, Joe Wylie

Johnny Weed
Pianist Johnny Weed was born in London in May, 1931. He worked, briefly, with Basil Kirchin in 1952, also with Vic Lewis before joining Tito Burns in 1954/5. He replaced Ken Moule in the successful Ken Moule Seven when Ken became disenchanted with band leading and the group was led by bass player Arthur Watts. In the period 1955 to 1956 he worked with groups led by a number of top jazz men including Vic Ash, Dizzy Reece, Joe Harriott and Phil Seamen and recorded with most of them. He emigrated to the USA in 1957 and worked with a number of big bands including Woody Herman and Tex Beneke as well as running a successful arranging business with Ronnie Roullier until 1971. He played at President Kennedy's 1961 inaugral ball and in the '70s was musical director on a TV show called "Someone New". He left the music business in the 1970s and became a lighting consultant. He moved to Florida in 1993 and resumed playing gigs and other events until his death from cancer in November, 2002.(thanks to Johnny's daughter Susan White for the later details and to Kenny Harris for the pictures).

Tito Burns and his Sextet - February 26th, 1954 (Esquire)
Andy Tweed (tp), Don Savage (as), Norman Gondall (ts), Tito Burns (acc), Johnny Weed (p), Stan Wasser (b), Dougie Cooper (d).
Riff Concotion (2 takes)/Midnight Sun/Pinky/Budo/Skin Deep (parts 1 and 2).

Dizzy Reece Group - April 26th, 1956 (Tempo TAP9)
Dizzy Reece (tp), Johnny Weed (p), Dave Goldberg (g), Lennie Bush (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Chorus*/Basie Line*/Night Life (unissued)/The Gypsy (unissued).
(*Jasmine CD - A New Star - Dizzy Reece)
(*Real Gone Jazz CD - Dizzy Reece Five classic albums plus bonus tracks)

Joe Harriott Quartet - July 6th, 1956 (MGM EP615)
Joe Harriott (as), Johnny Weed (p), Major Holley (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Blues Original*/My Heart Belongs To Daddy*.
(*Giant Steps CD - Killer Joe: Birth Of A Legend)
(*Proper Box 4CD set - The Joe Harriott Story)
(*Harkit CD - Jazz Britannia '56!)

The recording detailed below was made at a house party in London after a gig in1956 but was not released at the time. In January, 2011 Gearbox Records issued a limited edition 12" LP titled Partying with Joe...
Joe Harriott Quartet - c1956 (Gearbox Records - GB1506)
Joe Harriott (as), Johnny Weed (p), Major Holley (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Blues/Embraceable You/What Is This Thing Called Love/Sounds Of The Party

The recording detailed below was made at the BBC Studios in London some time in 1956 but was never released in any format until Gearbox Records issued a limited edition of 500 LPs in June, 2011...
Phil Seamen Quintet - 1956 (Gearbox GB1508)
Joe Harriott (as), Dave Goldberg (g), Johnny Weed (p), Major Holley (b), Phil Seamen (d).
My Heart Belongs to Daddy/Poinciana/Big Man.

Phil Seamen Quintet - November 10th, 1956 (Decca LK4180) (JM0657)
Ken Wray (bs-tp), Johnny Weed (p), Dave Goldberg (g), Stan Wasser (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Manteca Suite*.
(*Vocalion CD - Third Festival of British Jazz - 1956)


Dick Katz
Pianist Dick Katz was born in Germany in 1916 and moved to Holland in 1933. He came to England in the early 1940s and joined Carlo Krahmer in 1942 and also Harry Parry's Sextet. In 1944 he worked with Cab Kaye before service in the RAF. Katz was an adaptable musician and work followed with the Vic Lewis / Jack Parnell Jazzmen and the Lauderic Caton Trio. He also led his own trio in 1946. He worked briefly with Buddy Featherstonhaugh and then rejoined the Caribbean Trio which formed the basis of the Ray Ellington Quartet where he stayed until 1959. He then quit full time music to work in a theatrical agency eventually managing various artistes, although he still played gigs in the 1960s and even appeared in the 1959 Melody Maker readers popularity poll...

First English public Jam session - November 16th, 1941 (HMV)
Kenny Baker (tp), Lad Busby (tb), Carl Barriteau (cl,ldr), Buddy Featherstonhaugh (ts), Dick Katz (p), Frank Deniz (g), Tommy Bromley (b), George Firestone (d).
Tea For Two (part 1)*/Tea For Two (part 2)*.
(*Hep Records CD - Kenny Baker, Birth of a Legend '41-'46)
(*Proper Records 4CD Box set - Jazz in Britain 1919 - 1950)

Vic Lewis Band - September 18th, 1942 (?)
Vic Lewis (tb), Peter Boutewood (cl), Dick Katz (p-1), Allan Hames (g), Joe Muslin (b), Pete Ringer (d).
I Found A New Baby/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/London Blues(1) (all unissued).

Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen - February 12th, 1944 (Parlophone)
Billy Riddick (tp), Ronnie Chamberlain (as,sop), Derek Hawkins (cl,as), Dick Katz (p), Vic Lewis (g,vcl), Charlie Short (b), Jack Parnell (d).
Johnny's Idea*/Mean Old Bed Bug Blues (vocal VL)*/Jazz Band Jump*/I'm Coming Virginia*^.
(*Upbeat CD - Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen 1944/45 - 'Swingin' The Blues')
(^Proper Records 4CD Box set - Jazz in Britain 1919 - 1950)

(*Avid CD - Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums plus Two Eps)

Vic Lewis Jam Session Vol-1 1944-1945 The War Years - mid February, 1944 (Harlequin)
Billy Jones, Jake Coven (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Johnny Mince (cl), Joe Gudice (ts), Dick Katz (p), Vic Lewis (g,vcl), Charlie Short (b), Jack Parnell (d).
Johnny's Idea/Wigmore Blues (vocal JL)/Ja Da/Wigmore Jump/Tea For Two/Ain't Misbehavin'/My Blue Heaven/Someday Sweetheart.

Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen - June 9th, 1944 (Parlophone)
Billy Riddick (tp,mel), Ronnie Chamberlain (as,sop), Derek Hawkins (cl,as), Dick Katz (p), Vic Lewis (g,vcl), Lou Nussbaum (b), Jack Parnell (d).
Jazz Men Blues*^/Ja Da (vocal VL)*^/Why Begin Again*^/Sugar*^/I've Found A New Baby*.
(*Upbeat CD - Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen 1944/45 - 'Swingin' The Blues')
(^Avid CD - Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums plus Two Eps)

August 29th, 1944 (Parlophone)
Personnel as June 9th, except Bert Howard (b) replaces Lou Nussbaum.
That's A Plenty*#/Ugly Child (vocal VL)*#/Dick's Boogie*^/Mop Mop*.
(*Upbeat CD - Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen 1944/45 - 'Swingin' The Blues')
(^Proper Records 4CD Box set - Jazz in Britain 1919 - 1950)

(#Avid CD - Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums plus Two Eps)

October 24th, 1944 (Parlophone)
Personnel as August 29th, except Cliff Townsend (cl,as) replaces Derek Hawkins.
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (vocal VL)*/Get Happy*/Indiana*/Someday Sweetheart*.
(*Upbeat CD - Vic Lewis and Jack Parnell's Jazzmen 1944/45 - 'Swingin' The Blues')
(*Avid CD - Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums plus Two Eps)

Carlo Krahmer Chicagoans - December 14th, 1946 (Esquire)
Johnny Dankworth (cl), Dick Katz (p), Carlo Krahmer (vib), Alan Hodgkins (g), Coleridge Goode (b).
Coquette. (Unissued until 1977 - Carlo Krahmer memorial album ESQ306)

Kenny Graham's Afro Cubists - February 25th, 1957 (Presenting Kenny Graham - Nixa NJL12) (JM0258)
Jo Hunter (tp), Jackie Armstrong, Laddie Busby, George Chisholm (tb), Kenny Graham (ts), Don Honeywell (bs), Dick Katz (vln), Eddie Thompson (p,org), Sammy Stokes (b), Frank Holder (cga).
Olwen's Dream*/I'll Get By*^.
(^Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)
(*Vocalion CD - Presenting Kenny Graham)


Dave Lee
Pianist Dave Lee was born in London in 1930. He played piano from a very early age and after playing with local bands and service in the Army he spent some time in South Africa where he studied at the Johannesburg Conservatory of Music. On return to the UK he joined the Johnny Dankworth Orchestra for four years to 1959 when he left to form his own trio. From 1960 he wrote for films and theatre and was musical director for a number of TV shows achieving considerable success. In later years he returned to composing, arranging and conducting.

From 1955 to1959 Dave Lee played on all of the recordings made by the Johnny Dankworth Orchestra.
Full details of all of these records are on the Johnny Dankworth web page...

Dave Lee Trio - May 29th, 1957 (Nixa NJE1038)
Dave Lee (p), Lennie Bush (b), Allan Ganley (d).
On The Alamo*/Excuse For The Blues*/Salt Air/I Must Have That Man.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Piano Moods)

Melody Maker's All-Stars - October, 1957 (All the Winners - Nixa NJT509 )
Kenny Baker, Eddie Blair, Bert Courtley (tp), George Chisholm, Keith Christie, Don Lusher (tb), Joe Harriott (as), Don Rendell, Jimmy Skidmore (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Bill Le Sage (vib), Dave Lee (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Top score*/Mood Indigo*. (Other titles on this LP are by Kenny Baker's Half Dozen, Dill Jones Trio, Vic Ash Quintet, Don Rendell jazz Six and Cleo Laine).
(*Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)
(*Real Gone Jazz 4 CD set - Don Rendell Six Classic Albums plus bonus tracks)

Dave Lee Orchestra - c1961 (A new big band from Britain, Top Rank RM336)
Big band featuring Bert Courtley (tp), Tubby Hayes (ts), Dave Lee (p) + others unknown.
Lover Come Back to Me*/Bye Bye Blackbird*/Georgia On My Mind*/Chloe*/Piece Of Cake#*/You, You, You*/London Derriere*/Blue Denham*/I Cover The Waterfront*/Cheek To Cheek*/Beyond The Sea*.
(#Vocalion CD - Tubby Hayes - London Pride)
(*Acrobat CD - London Piano - Eddie Thompson and Dave Lee)

Archie Semple Quartet - June 12th and 20th, 1963 (Columbia33SX1580)
Archie Semple (cl), Dave Lee (p,celeste), Jack Fallon (b), Martin Slavin (vib,mar,xyl).
The Twilight Cometh/I,ve Got The World On A String/It Had To Be You/I'll Never Smile Again/Whispers In The Night/Georgia On My Mind/If I Had You/Jan'd/Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year/Something to Remember You By.

Dave Lee and his Orchestra - c1965 (Jazz improvisations of our man Crichton - Colpix PXL 550)
Eddie Blair (tp,fl-hrn), Kenny Wheeler (tp,t-hrn), Keith Christie (tb), Alf Rees (tu), Roy Willox (as,f), Tubby Hayes (ts,f,vib), Ronnie Ross (bs,b-cl), Dave Lee (p), Spike Heatley (b), Kenny Clare, Ronnie Stephenson (d).
Manners Maketh Man/Let's Find An Island/Our Kind Of People/Yesterday's World/Little Darling/I Tried/I Never Looked For You/Oh! For A Husband/My Time Will Come/Were I As Good (Tommy Whittle replaces Hayes on this title only).

Danny Moss - John Dankworth Quintet November 28th, 2006 (About 42 years later - Avid CD)
Danny Moss (ts), John Dankworth (as), Dave Lee / John Horler (p), Allan Ganley (d).
Good Queen Bess*/This Heart Of Mine*/C Jam Blues*/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face*/Man*/Squatty Roo*/Like Someone In Love*/There Will Never Be Another You*/Jive At Five*/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams*/Things Ain't What They Used To Be*.
(*Avid CD - About 42 years later)


Frank Horrox
Pianist Frank Horrox was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1924. He had piano lessond from the age of five and became a professional musician at the age of seventeen. He served in the Army from late 1942 until 1947 and after working as an arranger for music publisher Campbell Connolly joined Vic Lewis in 1947 and also worked for a short while with the Basil Kirchin Band. He first joined Ted Heath in 1949 and apart from a six month spell with Lew Stone from 1952/3 he worked with Ted Heath until 1958. He then freelanced working as an arranger and pianist for many musical directors but also played jazz gigs with his own small band, sometimes playing organ. He died from cancer in 1972.

Vic Lewis and his Orchestra - March 1st, 1947 (Vic Lewis Society)
Johnny Shakespeare, Jack Parker, Reg Arnold (tp), Alfie Reece, Ed Sweeny, Ruth Harrison (tb), Neal Saunders (frh), Laurie Saunders (f), Moss Kaye (oboe), Peter Howe, Ronnie Chamberlain (cl,as), Jimmy Skidmore, Charles Granville (ts), Jerry Alvarez (or Frank Holmes) (bs), Frank Horrox (p), Al Ferdman (g), John Quest (b), Norman Burns (d), Helen Mack, Frank Holmes (vcl), Vic Lewis (dir).
I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (vcl FH)/Somewhere In The Night (vcl HM).

From 1950 to1955 Frank Horrox played on almost all of the recordings made by the Ted Heath Orchestra.
Full details of most of these records are on the Ted Heath 1950s web page...

Jack Parnell and his Quartet - February 2nd, 1950 (Decca)
Bobby Pratt (tp), Tommy Whittle (ts), Frank Horrox (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Jack Parnell (d,vcl).
Jukebox Jumba*/Quickie*.
(*Hep CD - Ted Heath "Listen to my Music vol 4 1949/50")
(*Avid CD - Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums plus Two Eps)

Tommy Whittle Septet - October 23rd, 1951 (Melodisc)
Bobby Pratt (tp), Roy Willox (as), Tommy Whittle (ts), George Hunter (bs), Frank Horrox (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Ronnie Verrell (d).
Wit's End*/Portland Place*/Sam's Say*/Night And Day*.
(*Jasmine CD - Bop-in' Britain Vol 1)

Hawksworth-Verrell Jazz Group - November 18th, 1955 (Decca FJ10663)
Eddie Blair (tp), Don Rendell (ts), Frank Horrox (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Ronnie Verrell (d).
Get Happy/Always (unissued)/Ring Dem Bells (unissued)/RJ Boogie.

Frank Horrox Quintet - c1959 (Jazz Session - Embassy WEP1038)
Albert Hall (tp), Don Rendell (ts), Frank Horrox (p), Jeff Sothcott (b), Don Lawson (d).
After You've Gone/Deep Purple/Just You, Just Me/How About You.

Shake Keane and the Boss Men - November 27th, 1962 (Columbia SEG8239)
Shake Keane (flhrn), Johnny Scott (fl), Frank Horrox (org), Coleridge Goode (b), Bobby Orr (d).
Bossa Negra/Murmurio/Vendaval/New Sunday.


Bill McGuffie
Bill McGuffie c1955 Pianist Bill McGuffie was born in Glasgow in 1927. After three years of piano studies an accident meant that he lost the third finger of his right hand. With great courage and determination he started again, modifying his technique to cope with the handicap. He then gave up until friends suggested that he tried dance music, something he had not played before and at the age of nineteen he was playing in the Teddy Foster Orchestra.
Work with other top bands followed until in October, 1952 he got his big break when the BBC formed their Show Band. He was a featured artist on regular broadcasts and developed a big public following that led to a recording contract and top place in the Melody Maker readers poll for three years - 1953/54 and '55. This led to him appearing in the early Esquire jazz poll winners records and in May 1955 he recorded with Kenny Baker's Dozen although he was never an out and out jazz pianist. He was mentioned in the Melody Maker readers poll in 1960 although he no longer topped the list.

He made a couple of jazz tinged trio and quartet records and, surprisingly, a big band record with a number of prominent jazz musicians under his own name but his success was with his light music and his "with strings" albums. He was noted for his great musicianship and his impeccable good taste. He died in March, 1987. Of his jazz records only the Kenny Baker Dozen recordings and one track from the Melody Maker's All-Stars are now available on CD. The records detailed below have been extracted from Lord's Jazz Discography, records that they consider have some jazz interest. He made many other records with no jazz content at all.

The 1953 Melody Maker's All-Stars - March 4th, 1953 (Esquire 20-008)
Kenny Baker (tp), Jackie Armstrong (tb), Vic Ash (cl), Les Gilbert (as), Ronnie Chamberlain, (sops), Ronnie Scott (ts), Martin Slavin (vib), Bill McGuffie (p), Ivor Mairants (g), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Jack Parnell (d).
Ballot Box (2 takes, one take on*)/Anidina/Coronation Jump (2 takes).
(*Giant Steps Records CD - Great Scott)

Sometime in 1954 McGuffie recorded an album titled West End mood with a quartet that probably included Jack Collier (b), Jock Cummings (d) and an unknown vibes player. It was recorded for the US Discovery label and was also released on French Vogue but does not appear to have been released in the UK.

The 1954 Melody Maker's All-Stars - March 7th, 1954 (Esquire 20-031*)
Kenny Baker (tp), Don Lusher (tb), Vic Ash (cl), Johnny Dankworth (as), Ronnie Chamberlain, (ts,sops), Ronnie Scott (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Vic Feldman (vib), Bill McGuffie (p), Tito Burns (acc), Ivor Mairants (g), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Eric Delaney (d).
For Voters Only# (2 takes, one take on*)/Gallop Poll (2 takes, one take on*)/Swingdido*.
(#Hallmark CD - Basement Bop - British jazz in the 1950s)

Melody Maker's All-Stars - March 7th, 1955 (Esquire EP56* others 10-436 )
Kenny Baker (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Vic Ash (cl), Johnny Dankworth (as), Ronnie Chamberlain, (ts,sops), Tommy Whittle (ts), Harry Klein (as,bs), Vic Feldman (vib), Bill McGuffie (p), Tito Burns (acc), Bert Weedon (g), Joe Muddel (b), Eric Delaney (d). (Add Joe Harriott (as) on Waxing The Winners)
Gershwin Ballad Medley: (Summertime*/Someone To Watch Over Me*/Love Walked In*/Embraceable You*)/Waxing The Winners (Part 1)/Waxing The Winners (Part 2).
(*Hallmark CD - Basement Bop - British jazz in the 1950s)

Bill McGuffie Trio / Quartet - March, 1955 (Philips BBE 12279)
Bill McGuffie (p), Alan Metcalfe (g-1), Jackie Collier (b), Jock Cummings (d).
Rose Room/Just One Of Those Things/Violets For Your Furs/Fascination (1).

Kenny Baker and his Dozen - May 6th and 10th, 1955 (Baker's Dozen Vol 1 - Nixa NPT19003)
Kenny Baker, Freddy Clayton (tp), George Chisholm (tb), EO Pogson, Harry Hayes, Harry Klein, Keith Bird, Freddie Ballerini (reeds), Bill McGuffie (p), Martin Slavin (vib), Joe Muddel (b), Eric Delaney (d).
Baker's Boogie*/Ev'ntide*/Phil The Fluter's Ball*/Bugle Call Rag*/Harlem Twist*/Blues I Love To Sing*/Mean Dog Blues*#/Delerium*.
(#Castle 3 CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)
(*Vocalion CD - Kenny Baker Presents Baker's Dozen Vol. 1 & The Half Dozen)

In the second half of the 1950s McGuffie recorded an album of piano solos titled Mademoiselle from Paris and another titled Goodnight sweetheart for the US Imperial label. Neither appear to have been released in the UK.

Bill McGuffie Trio - March, 1955 (Philips BBE 12161)
Bill McGuffie (p), Jack Collier (b), Dennis Neale (d).
Liza/Sweet Lorraine/Blue Skies/Billy's Blues.

Bill McGuffie - c1958-59 (Philips BBL 7221)
Bill McGuffie (solo piano solo).
(twelve show songs).

Bill McGuffie - c1959-60 (Philips BBL 10740L)
Bill McGuffie (solo piano solo).
(thirteen standards).

Bill McGuffie Quartet - c1961 (Fontana SFL13070)
Bill McGuffie (p), + unknown (g), (b) and (d).
(six show tunes).

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra - October 27th, November 27th and 28th, 1969 (London Date - Phillips 630823)
Big band including Benny Goodman (cl), Kenny Baker (tp), Tommy Whittle (ts), Bill Mcguffie (p), Lennie Bush (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d).
(Seventeen titles).

The Bill McGuffie Big Band - September 5th and 7th, 1972 (The Bill McGuffie Big Band - Rediffusion ZS130)
Greg Bowen, Paul Tungay, Ronnie Hughes, John McLeavy (tp), Bobby Lamb, Jimmy Wilson, Keith Christie, Bill Geldard (tb), Bob Burns (as,cl,ts), Alfie Reece (tu), Bill McGuffie (p), Alan Metcalfe (g), Frank Donnison (b), Bobby Midgley (d).
The Odd Couple*/Alan's Dell*/I'm Old Fashioned*/Fly Me To The Moon*/Emily*/Indiana*/Lester Leaps In*/It Zoots Zim*/Between You And Me*/Beautiful Friendship*/Idaho*/Old McDonald Had A Farm*.
(*Vocalion CD - Piano Artistry of Bill McGuffie (part))


Joe Wylie
Joe Wylie started his musical career in Scotland in the 1950's, playing piano with Duncan Lamont, Jackie Dougan,and most of the other leading Scottish musicians of that era. He eventually moved his base to Bermuda where he became Music and Entertainment Director for Princess Hotels International.
Joe was then influential in bringing the best players around, to Bermuda for his resident band at the Hamilton Princess Hotel, many who stayed for extended periods of time. Some of the great jazz musicians who worked there included Johnny Butts, Allan Ganley from 1967-1975, Art Ellefson. Keith Christie, Vic Ash, Kenny Harris, out of London, Ken Werner and Allan Zavod out of New York, and Dave Caldwell, out of Toronto. The nucleus of the band recorded two BBC Jazz Club broadcasts, with arrangements by Allan Ganley, and Art Ellefson.
Other jazz artists that he brought to Bermuda included Jackie and Roy Kral, Cab Calloway, Dexter Gordon,and Lionel Hampton,who Joe played and recorded with in New York. Also in New York City in 1987, he appeared at the Carnegie Tavern for a season, replacing Ellis Larkins who was in tour.
In1991, Joe Wylie was voted best musician in Bermuda by the Bermudian magazine. and his musical influence in Bermuda has been immense.
(By e-mail Joe Wylie)
More pictures...


Lennie Metcalfe
Pianist Lennie Metcalfe was born in London in 1927 and at the age of eighteen joined a band led by Leon Roy and played at the Bebop Shop in Tottenham, London with Leon Roy's Big Band. In the late 1940s and early '50s he gigged with Ronnie Scott, Dizzy Reece, Denis Rose, Terry Brown and Jimmy Skidmore and Kenny Graham, turning professional in 1952. he also co-led Jazz Inc with sax player Johnny Rogers. He was also part of Laurie Morgan's Sextet and in 1957 was with the Dizzy Reece Quintet.
He more or less quit the jazz scene in 1957 to lead a band on the trans Atlantic liner Mauretania until he emigrated permanently to the USA in 1960 and worked solo residencies around New York as a pianist-vocalist right up to the 1990s.
He made only one recording date, with Kenny Graham in 1955.


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