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Forgotten records...
There is no place where modern jazz in the style of the early 1950's and 1960's can now be heard played live. Although Ronnie Scott's club lives on the music to be heard there is a mixed bag of modern music with only occasional hints of the past.

We have to rely on recorded music to re-live those heady days of fifty years ago. The British version of the music never appealed to the major recording companies and it was left to smaller independent companies, who tended to have problems with distribution and availability, to preserve it for posterity... The first of these was Esquire founded and run by Carlo Krahmer. They recorded Ronnie Scott and the Club Eleven musicians from the start of British Modern Jazz in 1948 including many titles by the Johnny Dankworth Seven in the early 1950s. Ronnie Scott recorded for Esquire through the mid 1950s in a number of quartets or quintets led by himself. They recorded his legendary Orchestra as well as a number of BBC World Services live broadcasts.
Without Esquire there would have been little of the British modern jazz from the late 1940s and early '50s available today. Sadly, much of this music has never been commercially re-issued on CD or in any format since it was recorded in those heady days 50+ years ago. These records have been forgotten and current circumstances indicate no possibility of re-issue.
Just a few of the forgotten recordings are listed on these pages:
The M.M. All Stars... Alan Dean's All Star Sextet... Tito Burns Sextet... Jimmy Deuchar... Victor Feldman... Kenny Graham... Tommy Whittle...

Anybody interested in the birth of bop in Britain must try and obtain the classic 4CD set of early Esquire records re-issued in 1991. Sadly, this has been deleted for years but comes up for sale second-hand from time to time. The set is 85 tracks of pure nostalgia...Charly compilation...

In the last few years enthusiasts have tracked down a lot of this old Esquire and other labels vinyl and with the aid of modern USB record players and audio enhancing software and other technology have transferred a lot of it to CDR with superb results. Listed below are some details of CDRs that I have acquired and I know of others who have many more. Some of this music may be available by dowloading from the internet although in my experience it is a convoluted exercise finding it and the recording format is mp3 - not the best. Ideally, I would like to make these historic records available to anybody who wants to hear them, but I suspect this is not possible under current law, unless you know otherwise. In many cases these records will never find their way onto CD, because master tapes do not exist or have been lost. There were no tapes for the Esquire records. The archive consisted of a pristine copy of each record held by label co-founder Peter Newbrook at his home and these were dispersed after his death. There are also radio transcriptions..., usually recorded from BBC 'Jazz Club' onto tape or cassette recorders and these are often surprisingly good and worth hearing.

The Audio CDRs...

1 Tommy Whittle Quintet with Harry Klein and Dill Jones
All the recordings (eighteen titles) made by the Quintet for Esquire. Dated from August 1954 to August 1955. None of these have been issued on CD apart from a couple on an out of print compilation CD Whittle...

2 Tommy Whittle
Three Esquire 10" LPs 20-048 / 20-061 / 20-068 from the mid 1950s. six titles by his Quintet, four titles with Keith Christie and eight by his seven piece band with Kenny Wheeler. None have ever been issued on CD Whittle...

3 Victor Feldman Modern Jazz Quartet with Tommy Pollard
Ten longish tracks assembled from Esquire EPs of various dates in 1955. Pollard was arguably the UKs best modern jazz pianist and is sadly under represented on CD. This is just beautiful music. None of it ever released on CD Feldman...

4 Tito Burns Sextet / Septet
Tito was the pioneer of British Bebop but all his music apart from one side of a 10" Esquire LP was only released on 78rpm records. I have collected 18 tracks from 1949 to 1954 from the Decca, Melodisc and Esquire labels. 7/6/49(2), 23/5/50(2), 6/3/51(4), 12/7/51(2), 10/8/51(4), 26/4/54(4). None of it is available on CD Tito Burns...

5 Mike Nevard's Melody Maker All Stars
Including Albert Hall, Johnny Dankworth, Don Rendell and Harry Klein these two rare LPs were recorded in London in May, 1954 for the American market and issued there on Blue Note and MGM. None of it ever available on CD Melody Maker All Stars...

6 Melody Maker All Stars 1951 - 52 - 53
Featuring all the Melody Maker annual poll winners for those three years. Esquire compilation LP 321 issued in the 1970s. All tracks originally on 78rpm records. Only one or two tracks have been issued on compilation CDs. Melody Maker Poll winners...

7 Melody Maker All Stars 1954 and 1955
Featuring the Melody Maker annual poll winners for those years plus the Melody Maker New Stars for 1952. Esquire compilation LP 325 issued in the 1970s. All tracks originally on 78rpm records and not available on CD .Melody Maker Stars...

8 National Jazz Federation Modern Concert 1954
Recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, London on February 28th and comprising two Esquire LPs, 32-004 and 32-005. With Don Rendell, Ronnie Ross, Tommy Whittle, Victor Feldman, Keith Christie, Jimmy Skidmore etc. Apart from a couple of Tommy Whittle tracks on the recent Tony Kinsey compilation set these have never re-issued in any format.

9 The All Star Sextet
From 1948 to 1949 - 17 titles from the first band to play bebop commercially. Some titles include Ronnie Scott and Johnny Dankworth and there is some superb vibes playing from Tommy Pollard. The Scott tracks were included on a Scott compilation CD but many tracks were not issued at the time and were not released until an Esquire compilation LP in 1987 (Esquire 337). The majority of these have never been re-issued on CD. Alan Dean...

10 The Jimmy Deuchar Quartets
Recorded in 1954 and 1955 for Esquire and issued on 78rpm and EP vinyl. Session dates 20/4/54 with Victor Feldman, 12/11/54 with Alan Clare and 4/10/55 with Terry Shannon. Although issued on a compilation LP in the 1970/80s these tracks are not available on CD. Jimmy Deuchar...

11/12 Kenny Graham's Afro Cubists
Recorded in 1950/51 and issued on Esquire 78s. Two compilation LPs containing all the recordings to October 1953 were issued in the late 1970s (Esquire 308 and 329). Kenny has been Britain's only truly original jazz musician and it is a sad reality that not a single track from the 50+ that Kenny recorded for Esquire is available on CD. Kenny Graham...

13 Victor Feldman
Small groups from 1948 to 1954. 15 tracks all recorded for Esquire - five from 17/12/48 have been included in a couple of compilation CDs but the other ten from 12/6/51, 19/3/54, 14/7/54 have never been available on CD. Victor Feldman...

14 Ronnie Scott Quartet / Quintet and Orchestra
16 classic tracks comprising four Esquire EPs and a 78 from 1953 to 1955. (EP51, EP81, EP65 and EP 95 + 78 10-451. Four tracks were included on a Properbox compilation but nothing else is on CD. Included are the last recordings by the Orchestra. Ronnie Scott...

15 Keith Christie / Johnny Dankworth Quartet
Titled 'Homage to the Duke' this is an Esquire 10" LP 20-047 from 1955. Never re-issued in any format. Johnny Dankworth...

16 Ronnie Scott Orchestra
BBC Jazz Club Volume 4 Esquire 32-006 from 1954 plus Esquire EP31 also from 1954. Sound quality not that great. Never re-issued in any format Ronnie Scott...

17 Spike Robinson with Tommy Pollard, Victor Feldman (or Ronnie Ball)
A classic Esquire recording of Spike Robinson with Tommy Pollard's Downbeat Five or with the Ronnie Ball Trio. Tenor player Spike Robinson became a huge star and these 16 tracks recorded in 1951 were his first recordings. Never re-issued in any format Spike Robinson...

18 The Melody Maker Modern Group
Featuring trumpet players Kenny Baker and Jimmy Deuchar this is an Esquire 10" LP (20-030) from 1954 that also inclides Tommy Whittle and Victor Feldman. Never re-issued in any format. Kenny Baker...

19/20 Harry Hayes Band
The classic 1944 to 1946 HMV recordings by the Harry Hayes band. Modern sounds way ahead of their time. Never re-issued commercially, Harry Hayes issued a 2 CD set himself some years ago that he sold privately which is now long out of print and sometimes one of the CDs turns up on Ebay, although this is fairly rare. Never since released on CD apart from seven titles on a Kenny Baker compilation CD by Hep. Harry Hayes...

21 Victor Feldman
Esquire 10" LP - 'The multiple talents of Victor Feldman' (20-046) from 1955. Never on CD.Victor Feldman...

22 Vic Lewis Orchestra
Five Esquire tracks by the Vic Lewis Orchestra (EP33) from 1954 and one side of 10-124 Vic Lewis...

23 Derek Smith Trio
A collection of 17 tracks dating from1955 to 1957 that have never been re-issued on CD these comprise four Nixa EPs and an unlisted track from the same period. 27/1/56 (Trio), 25/11/55 (Harry Klein Quartet), 23/1/57 (Trio), 11/12/56 (Vic Ash with Keith Christie and Trio). Derek Smith...

24/25 Alan Branscombe
In 1968 Alan Branscombe recorded two albums for Esquire titled 'Swingin on the Soundstage' volumes 1 and 2. The group included top musicians - Bob Efford, Duncan Lamont, Kenny Wheeler and Eddie Blair amongst others. Legal wrangles delayed their release until 1988 by which time Branscombe was dead. Issued on LP they have never been re-issued on CD. Alan Branscombe...

26 Geoff Taylor Sextet
Equire EP55 recorded in June 1954 on Taylor's return to proffesional music having previously abandoned his jazz career due to lack of opportunities. Geoff Taylor...

27/28/29 Morrissey / Mullen
From the late 1970s to the early 1980s the group recorded seven albums. Decried by many as 'not jazz' the various groups included, besides Dick Morrissey and Jim Mullen, John Critchinson and Ron Mathewson. None of these albums have ever been re-issued on CD. I have CD copies of 'After Dark', 'Its About Time' and 'Life On The Wire'. Dick Morrissey...

30 "Melody Maker" Jazz Poll 1958/59
When Esquire stopped recording the MM Poll Winners Nixa (NJT518) recorded six tracks incorporating some of the top placed musicians in the next poll. the six tracks include Tubby Hayes, Lennie Felix, The Polka Dots, Cleo Laine, Kenny Baker and Vic Ash. It is of interest only as recorded history and Nixa did not do it again although the Polls went on.

31 Woody Herman's Anglo-American Herd
Live concert performances recorded in April 1959 and issued later on a Jazz Groove LP. The British musicians included in the band were Les Condon, Kenny Wheeler, Bert Courtley, Ken Wray, Eddie Harvey, Don Rendell and Ronnie Ross, with Canadian Art Ellefson. Never re-issued on CD. Don Rendell...

32 Peter King - New Beginning
It is a mystery why this record (Spotlite SPJ520) from June/July 1982 remains unissued on CD. With Dick Pearce, John Horler, Pat Smythe and Spike Wells to accompany King's alto this is a powerful record made after King had modified his style after many hours of work. Peter King...

33 Jazz International
An LP (Vogue LAE12029) recorded in Paris on September 24, 1956 by a sextet containing three Americans, two Frenchmen and Scottish trumpeter Jimmy Deuchar. This has never been re-issued on CD. Jimmy Deuchar...

34/35 Danny Moss Quartet
The Danny Moss Quartet with alto player Geoff Simkins recorded two LPs for Flyright Records label on 15/10/79 and April/June 1981. Simkins is a fine alto player and these LPs deserve to be heard again. Neither has appeared on CD. Danny Moss...

36 Tommy Whittle and Alan Barnes
A superb Miles Music record from 20/11/85 whichhh has never been on CD. The fine rhythm section includes Mick Pyne, Alec Dankworth and drummer Alan Jackson. After two quartet recordings with Tommy Chase a few months earlier this was Barnes first record with another horn player. Tommy Whittle...

37 The Emcee Five
Classic British bebop from 1961 these records contain the first recordings by trumpeter Ian Carr. Other star names are Mike Carr, Gary Cox, Spike Heatley and drummers Ronnie Stephenson or Johnny Butts. Issued many years ago on a long out of print Japanese CD. Ian Carr...

38 George Chisholm and the Magnificent 7
A Columbia LP from 1967 with a superb band with Chisholm, Eddie Blair, Roy Willox, Tony Coe and Keith Bird. Never re-issued on CD. George Chisholm...

39 Derek Smith
'Swingin' With Derek' has twelve tracks from Smith's trio recorded in the UK with Sammy Stokes and Allan Ganley 27/1/56, 23/1/57 and four tracks in New York in 1961. Never released on CD. Derek Smith...

40 Jimmy Skidmore
A Silverline Records LP from 1972 titled 'Skid marks - Jimmy Skidmore and Friends'. The friends include Ronnie Ross, Willie Garnett and Alan Branscombe. This was the first album under his own name and ironically proved to be his last recording and has never been released on CD. Jimmy Skidmore...

41 Ronnie Scott's Quintet
'Serious Gold' an album from 18/10/77 made for 'Ronnie Scott Record Productions', with Louis Stewart, John Taylor, Ron Mathewson and Martin Drew. Although widely acclaimed at the time this album never made it onto CD. Ronnie Scott...

42 Tony Coe Quintet
'Swingin' Till the Girls Come Home' is a Philips LP recorded 10/7/62 the quintet includes Colin Purbrook, John Picard, Spike Heatley and Derek Hogg. Never released on CD. Tony Coe...

43 Vic Lewis
Recorded in 1959 for the Ember label the LP titled 'Big Band Explosion' contains 'The Beaulie Suite' and 'The Springbok and American Suite'. Only two tracks are available on CD. Vic Lewis...

44 Eddie Thompson
Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's in July 1970, this "77" Records album titled "By Myself" features Eddie playing solo and remains unissued on CD. Eddie Thompson...

45 Ronnie Ross Big Band
A live German recording from 25/2/66 titled 'Old Friends & New Faces From Britain'. This is probably from an NDR broadcast and features a star-studded big band led by Ronnie Ross. Others present include Les Condon, Stu Hamer, Keith Christie, Peter King, Danny Moss and Bill Le Sage. Not on CD.Ronnie Ross...

46 Jack Sharpe Big Band
This Frog LP titled 'Catalyst' was recorded in 1987 and has never appeared on CD. Jack was an important member of the Tubby Hayes big bands of the 1960s and on Tubby's death kept the band going on a casual basis until in the 1980s with Andy Mackintosh put together the band heard on this record. It was not a studio band and toured jazz clubs around the country thrilling crowds wherever they went. This was their first LP. Jack Sharpe...

47 Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
A Golden Era Records album with 22 titles issued in 1960/1. The sleeve states that this LP comes from private recordings and there is absolutely no usage of material from commercial record companies. Not available on CD. Johnny Dankworth...

48 Tommy Whittle
Recorded in the spring of 1977 for Alamo Records and titled 'Jigsaw' this has never been on CD. Tommy Whittle...

The Radio Transcriptions now on CDR...
Tommy Whittle
A collection of ten tracks from the 1970s and 1980s. Five tracks are by a quintet including Hank Shaw (tp), Kenny Barker (p), Ron Mathewson (b) and Spike Wells (d) and the other five are with Tony Lee (p), Tony Archer (b) and Martin Drew (d). Playing time is approx 51 mins.
Terry Smith
Thirteen tracks from the 1980s. The combined personnels include Terry Smith (g),Dave Quincy (ts),Hank Shaw (tp), Tony Lee (p), Lionel Grigson (p), Tony Archer (b), Daryl Runswick (b), Martin Drew (d), Spiike Wells (d). Playing time is approx 68 mins.
Kenny Wheeler Quartet and Quintets
Ten tracks selected from various broadcasts between 1978 and 1988. First three tracks: Kenny Wheeler (tp), Duncan Lamont (ts), Pat Smythe (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Martin Drew (d). The following three are without Duncan Lamont. The final four tracks are as before except Dave Green (b) replaces Mathewson and Ray Warleigh (as,f) is added. Playing time is approx 63 mins.
Louis Stewart
These sessions record Louis Stewart's time with Ronnie Scott during the mid 1970s in solo, quartet and quintet formats. Personnel includes Louis Stewart (g), Ronnie Scott (ts), Tony Lee (p), Tony Archer (b) and Martin Drew (d). Playing time is approx 43 mins.
The Colin Purbrook Orchestra
Pianist Colin Purbrook made very few outright jazz records but on his BBC gigs in the late 1970s he led a star studded group that included Hank Shaw (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Tony Coe (cl), Ray Warleigh (as), Duncan Lamont (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Tony Archer (b), Martin Drew (d). Playing time is approx 63 mins.
Ronnie Scott
Three of Ronnie's groups from the 1970s through to around 1983 captured from radio broadcasts. There is Ronnie's trio with Mike Carr (org) and Bobby Gein (d) - with Louis Stewart (g) - and his quintet with Dick Pearce (tp), John Critchinson (p), Ron Mathewson (b) and Martin Drew (d). Playing time is approx 67 mins.
Ronnie Scott / Harry South
This CD comprises two half hour Jazz Club broadcasts from the 1980s. There are four tracks from a Harry South Quartet where Harry is supported by an unknown guitar, bass, drums trio. Then there are five tracks by Ronnie's last Quintet with Dick Pearce (tp), John Critchinson (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Martin Drew (d) + others. Playing time is approx 54 mins.
Allan Ganley Big Band + others
This CD, probably from the 1980s, comprises four tracks by the Allan Ganley Big Band, two by the Mick Pyne Quartet (with Peter King or Ray Warleigh (as)), and one track from Jimmy Deuchar. Playing time is approx 50 mins.
Peter King / Terry Smith + others
This CD, probably from the 1980s, comprises a half hour Jazz Club broadcast by the Peter King Quartet with pianist Ian Henry - four tracks by the Dave Quincy / Terry Smith Quintet (also on 002) - two solo tracks by Dill Jones - one track by the Derek Smith Trio. Playing time is approx 63 mins.
Dick Morrissey / Bebop Preservation Society
Broadcast mid to late 1970s this CD, has four tracks by the Dick Morrissey Quartet with Tony Lee, Tony Archer and Martin Drew - two tracks from the Bebop Preservation Society with Hank Shaw and Peter King - two quartet tracks with Joe Temperley plus rhythm. Playing time is approx 49 mins.
Brian Leake Quintet / ? Quintet
Probably from the late 1970s this CD, has five tracks by the Brian Leake Quintet. Self taught, Brian Leake played mainly in the trad jazz scene for many years before forming his own group. He played alto sax and piano and other members of his group also played more than one instrument. These tracks are mainstream in style and is probably the only recorded music by this group. They made no commercial records.
There are also four long tracks by another modern jazz sounding quintet comprising trombone, vibes, piano, bass, drums. The rumbustious trombone player sounds very much like Keith Christie and it has been suggested that the vibes player may be Frank Ricotti. Playing time is approx 72 mins.
Selection - 1
Items selected from a number of broadcasts in the 1970s and '80s. Two tracks from a group fronted by Jimmy Skidmore and Kathy Stobart - three tracks from the Ronnie Ross and Keith Christie Quintet - one track from the Kenny Barker Trio with Bob Lazelle (tenor sax) - one track from the Alan Appleton Quintet - two tracks by the Gary Cox Group - two Tommy Whittle tracks - two tracks by the Bebop Preservation Society. Playing time is approx 65 mins.
Selection - 2
Items selected from a number of broadcasts in the 1970s and '80s. Two tracks by Joe Harriott and Shake Keane - three tracks featuring Joe Temperley - one featuring Eddie Thompson - one featuring Don Rendell - one featuring Harold McNair - one with Marion Williams and Bernard Purdie - five tracks by the group "Sketch". Playing time is approx 72 mins.
Ronnie Scott & Al Newman Quintet
Items include six Ronnie Scott tracks. Two are with Louis Stewart and four by a quartet that includes John Taylor playing keyboards. Also included are five tracks by the Al Newman / Keith Christie Quintet. Reed player Al Newman is featured on several different instruments. There are four tracks by Terry Smith. Playing time is approx 74 mins.
(Dutch Radio)
Tony Coe & Dizzy Reece
This CD contains fifteen tracks broadcast in the early 1970s as part of a late night easy listening programme. The programme contained a "jazz slot" by The Llouis Van Dyjk Trio during which a top jazz player sat in. The CD contains three tracks featuring Tony Coe and five featuring Dizzy Reece.
Tubby Hayes Orchestra
This CD contains a BBC Jazz Club recording from 1961. It was created from an old reel to reel tape that had spent 40 years in summer temperatures that regularly exceeded 40C, and had also been submerged in a flood. Consequently the sound is less than perfect, but Tubby dominates every track in a stunning display of virtuosity. The playing time is approx 46 minutes.
Lennie Best Quartet
Seven tracks by the legendary vibes player who was never recorded commercially. One track is from a 1961 BBC recording and the other six come from a BBC Jazz Club of December 27th, 1967. Three titles from this latter date have a vocal from Norma Winstone. Lennie is quite outstanding. The playing time is approx 29 minutes.
The Jimmy Deuchar Big Band
A BBC Jazz Club broadcast from February 16th, 1961. Jimmy's eleven piece band includes Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott and Keith Christie. Of the twelve tracks Cleo Laine adds vocals to three. The playing time is approx 48 minutes.
Guitar Workshop
A BBC Jazz Club broadcast from November 22nd, 1967. The programme features the Cedric West Sextet (five tracks) plus four marvellous tracks from the Dave Goldberg Trio (Goldberg + Lennie Bush (bass) and Ronnie Stephenson (drums)) with three tracks from the Ray Russell Quartet. The playing time is approx 54 minutes.
Tubby Hayes Orchestra
A BBC Jazz Club broadcast from June 20th, 1964. Tubby's thirteen piece band includes Jimmy Deuchar, Ronnie Ross, Peter King, Terry Shannon and Keith Christie. There are eight tracks and the playing time is approx 46 minutes.
BBC Jazz Club
Part of a BBC Jazz Club broadcast from December 27th, 1967. There are four tracks by the Pat Smythe Quartet that includes Dave Goldberg on guitar and including three vocals by Elaine Delmar. Colin Purbrook's Trio play two tracks one of which includes a vocal by Bobby Breeen. Finally the Jack Dorsey Big Band add four tracks with two vocals from Long John Baldry. The playing time is approx 37 minutes.
BBC Jazz Club
Part 2 of a live BBC Jazz Club broadcast from February, 1968 that celebrated Humph's 20 years as a bandleader. The broadcast introduced Humph's 'New' band that included Chris Pyne (trombone), Tony Coe (tenor), Ray Warleigh (alto), John Surman (baritone) and Eddie Harvey (piano). They make a surprisingl robust mainstream/modern sound. There are two vocals from Elkie Brooks. The playing time is approx 39 minutes.
Harry South Orchestra
A live BBC Jazz Club broadcast from May 16th, 1964. A seventeen piece band featuring Tubby Hayes that includes all the regulars - Ronnie Scott, Keith Christie, Terry Shannon et al. Harry did all the arrangements and directs the band. Tracks include three vocals from Johnny Grant who at one time had quite a following. The sound is a bit flaky in places but nothing to interfere too much with the overall effect. The playing time is approx 46 minutes.
Dick Morrissey Quartet
Two live BBC Jazz Club broadcasts from 1965 or 1966. With Harry South, piano and Phil Bates, bass and Phil Seamen or Bill Eyden, drums. The sound is good and the playing time is approx 45 minutes.
Bobby Wellins Quartet
Two live BBC Jazz Club broadcast from 1978 and 1981. With Peter Jacobson, piano and Adrian Kendon or Kenny Baldock, bass and Spike Wells drums. The sound is good and the playing time is approx 57 minutes.
Harry South Big Band
A live BBC Jazz Club broadcast from November 8th, 1965. An eighteen piece big band with a similar line up to 023 except that Gordon Beck replaces Terry Shannon at the piano and Georgie Fame replaces Johnny Grant with three vocals. The sound is OK and the playing time is approx 55 minutes.
Tony Lee Trio
A live BBC Jazz Club broadcast (probably the 1980s) made at the Maida Vale Studios, London. Four tracks by a trio comprising Lee (p), Spike Heatley (b) and Terry Jenkins (d). (The disc was supplied by Spike.)
Ronnie Scott / Tommy Whittle
Live BBC Jazz Club broadcasts from the 1970s. Four tracks by Ronnie Scott's Trio with Mike Carr and B obby Gein plus five tracks by Tommy Whittle with the Kenny Barker Quartet.
Love You Madly - Tribute to Duke Ellington
This CD contains a BBC transmission from April 29th, 1969. It is the soundtrack from a programme celebrating the 70th birthday of the Duke and contains music from "The Stan Tracey Big Brass", "Kenny Graham's Afro-Percussion", Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth and "The Directions in Jazz Unit". There are nine tracks of Ellington compositions and the featured soloists include Ian Carr, Don Rendell, Joe Harriott, Tony Coe, Ronnie Ross and Acker Bilk. The playing time is approx 36 minutes.
(NPR, US radio)
Victor Feldman Trio
This is a live recording made in April, 1987 at the "Four Queens Hotel" in Las Vegas, USA. The trio was recorded for an NPR radio broadcast but only some of the music recorded was used in the broadcast. The session has never been released commercially and was recorded only a month before Feldman's death - this could well be his last recording. It is a marvellous, virtuoso performance by one of Britain's best ever jazz musicians. The playing time is approx 67 minutes.

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