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Rhythm and Blues"Rendell/Carr Quintet BBC Jazz club broadcasts from the 1960's Volume II"
Creating ‘a most interesting groove which combines a good deal of avant garde experimentation with the jazz fundamentals of logic and swing’ (Melody Maker), the Don Rendell-Ian Carr Quintet has gone down in British jazz history as a cult band, its few commercially-issued albums remaining among the most collectable of their kind.
Mixing the gravitas of the veteran saxophonist Rendell with the ambitious and eclectic tastes of co-leader Carr the unit was a crucible of Brit-jazz development, swiftly moving from orthodox Hard Bop to a style unquestionably its own.
These three previously unissued sessions (studio-taped) capture the band in transition from its early incarnation with Colin Purbrook in the piano chair through to the wilder, free-flowing, moods that followed Michael Garrick’s arrival in 1965. Michael Garrick is present on all three dates.
Long-term Rendell/Carr fans will welcome this release which follows on from a Rhythm and Blues label release last year and is in effect Volume II.
The broadcasts are from April 19th,1965, October 25th, 1965 and January 9th, 1966.
Track list...
Jazz in Britain"The Complete Hopbine '69 - The Tubby Hayes Quartet"
The Ron Mathewson Tapes Vol. 7. High quality digipak case with colour booklet featuring extensive liner notes by Simon Spillett. This double CD set is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide. 
Previously only issued in fragmented form and long out of print, these recordings catch Hayes in transition. Less than a month after they were taped just before Christmas 1969, he was to collapse on a gig, -the beginning of the final phase of his tragically foreshortened career.
But on this night, buoyed and stimulated by his regular working quartet of pianist Mike Pyne, bassist Ron Mathewson and drummer Spike Wells, Hayes wasn't only on form he was on FIRE! Indeed, coming so close to the end of a decade in which his star had burned brighter than those of virtually any other figure on the UK jazz scene, it marks a fitting capstone to his most creatively fecund period.
Remastered direct from the original tapes, unearthed in Ron Mathewson's archive, and issued for the very first time in pristine audio and unedited, this sumptuous double-CD release is packaged with rare photographs and gig memorabilia and an extended booklet essay by Hayes' biographer, saxophonist Simon Spillett which includes the memories of the only surviving member of the Tubby Hayes Quartet, Spike Wells. Track list...

Jazz in Britain

Three limited edition CDs released by the non profit making organisation 'Jazz in Britain'.
Blue Beginnings - The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet live in session in 1964 playing much of their debut album ‘Shades Of Blue’ including the title track composed by Neil Ardley. Single CD in digipack with liner notes by Simon Spillett. Track list...

Solar Sesssion by the Ian Carr Double Quintet - CD strictly limited to 500 copies. Digipak with extensive liner notes by Sid Smith.

Joe Harriott 1968 - 69 Chronology - A session by Joe's Quintet from 1968 which includes Kenny Wheeler on trumpet and two tracks by The Harry South Big Band featuring Joe from 1969. Audio specially remastered for CD In response to listener demand. This was one of Jazz In Britain’s first releases just over a year ago. Originally a vinyl release which sold out immediately. Track list...

Further information is available from the Jazz in Britain website.
Jazz in Britain"Inclusivity - Splinters"
An experimental project of the early 1970s to bring together young avant-garde stylists together with veterans of the bebop era who still retained a powerful presence. The result was the short lived but now legendary group 'Splinters' that grew out of conversations between drummers John Stevens and Phil Seamen.
They made their debut at the 100 Club on 22nd May 1972. The performance was recorded by Trevor Watts using a Sony tape recorder and the cassette provided the material for this three CD set together with a recording of their last gig on the 12th September 1972 at the Grass Roots Club in Stockwell. The latter is believed to be the final recording of drummer Phil Seamen who died two weeks after this performance.
This strictly limited edition 3 CD set is housed in 12″x12″ 34 page hardcover book and features dozens of previously unseen images from the 100 Club and Grass Roots shows by legendary British jazz photographer Jak Kilby, and an extensive essay on the history of the group by Simon Spillett including interviews with Trevor Watts, Jeff Clyne and Clark Tracey amongst others.
Featuring Tubby Hayes (ts,f), Kenny Wheeler (tp,flhrn), Trevor Watts (as), Stan Tracey (p), Jeff Clyne (b), John Stevens, Phil Seamen (d).

Decca "Space Walk - The Don Rendell Quintet"
A figure in British modern jazz for over half a century, Don Rendell was both active protagonist and key witness to the main developments in the music from its rise out of tiny clubs and back rooms on up to the most prestigious national stages.
In many ways, 'Space Walk' was as much a valedictory as transitionary album for Rendell. It was his last for Denis Preston, the fabled producer behind Lansdowne Studios, described by Neil Ardley as a 'rare Diaghilev like figure' who steered many of the key figures of the British jazz scene into the studio when nobody else would record them. It was also Rendell's final project for EMI Columbia and his last as a leader for a major record label.
This is a re-issue of the 1972 album that was in many ways a change of direction for Rendell and the quintet includes includes Stan Robinson on tenor and soprano saxes and Peter Shade on vibraphone.
The album is also available as an LP remastered by Gearbox records.
Track list...

In the high-profile, microscopically documented career of British jazz icon Tubby Hayes, 1965 appears the ‘year that never was’; no new Hayes’ LP appeared and for the first time in a decade the charismatic saxophonist no longer headed his own regular band. What was more, various critics had begun to openly wonder if his day had passed, dismissing Hayes’ powerful playing as ‘static’, ‘overlong’ and ‘blasé’. Combined with what was his most personally traumatic time to date, its trials ranging from physical collapse to escalating addictions, it appeared as if this once ubiquitous jazz force was fading from sight.<
On live performances, however, it was a different story, Hayes galvanising his already formidable mastery of Hard Bop with a new found appetite for the work of John Coltrane as well as further sharpening his natural command of composition and arrangement. Fortunately, radio broadcasts documented these obsessions in full; BBC recordings from this year capturing both his informal quartet and his star-packed Commonwealth Big Band. This release includes three PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED programmes in full, containing versions of classic Hayes’ themes ‘Change of Setting’ and ‘Don’t Fall Off The Bridge’ together with the first-ever UK performance of his big band showcase ‘100% Proof.’ Hayes’ then partner, US vocalist Joy Marshall, makes a cameo appearance here. An unmissable treat for all fans of vintage British modern jazz!
The 2 cd set features an extensive booklet essay by Hayes’ biographer Simon Spillett. Track list...
Disc One - Commonwealth Jazz Orchestra - August 30th, 1965
Disc Two - Tubby Hayes Quartet - January 25th and July 12th, 1965

Rhythm and Blues "At the BBC 1967 - Dick Morrissey"
Long before he carved his dual legend as both popular jazz-funkster and the ultimate peripatetic guest soloist, beloved by fusion and straight-ahead fans alike, tenor saxophonist Dick Morrissey had been one of the UK’s brightest and best modern jazzmen.
During the 1960s his regular quartet explored very nearly every aspect of the jazz genre, from down home blues to the fringes of the avant-garde, as is displayed in these previously unreleased radio recordings from 1967. Over two fascinating sets drawing in compositions by fellow tenors Hank Mobley, Joe Henderson and Tubby Hayes, Morrissey is heard at his most daring, playing with a commitment and abandon that is frequently revelatory and always electrifying. BBC Paris Theatre, London, June 11th 1967 & BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, October 18th 1967.
Dick Morrissey (tenor saxophone); Harry South (piano); Phil Bates (bass): Bill Eyden (drums), Introduced by Humphrey Lyttelton.
12 page booklet by Simon Spillett. Track list...

Exploring one of the most extensive catalogues in modern jazz, a 14 track compilation album which delves deep into the Universal Music archives to showcase the key British modern jazz recordings of the 1960's and '70s from renowned British labels including Decca, Argo, Lansdowne, Deram and Fontana. The recordings from which these tracks are taken will eventually be re-issued in full. in vinyl and cd formats.

Tracks are by: Ken Wheeler and John Dabnkworth Orchestra / Don Rendell Quintet / Colin Bates / John Surman, John Warren / Michael Garrick Sextet / Mike Westbrook Concert Band / Stan Tracey and his Big Band / Harry Becket / Neil Ardley, Ian Carr, Don Rendell, The New Jazz Orchestra / Alan Skidmore Quintet / Dick Morrissey Quartet / Mike Taylor Quartet / Michael Gibbs.

Initial releases of the full albums are Don Rendell Quintet "Space Walk" (released July 2021)/ Ken Wheeler & The John Dankworth Orchestra "Windmill Tilter (The story of Don Quixote)" (August 2021)/ The New Jazz Orchestra "Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe" (September 2021.

Hadleigh Jazz Records "Art Themen - Thane & The Villeins"
Thane & The Villeins is the first album on the new independent label Hadleigh Jazz Records. It is also the first release of a trio comprising veteran tenor sax player Art Themen, organist Pete Whittaker and drummer George Double.

The reviews are excellent: "Themen is one of the very few totally original, utterly engaging jazz musicians around" Dave Gelly - "Magesterial...Art's version of Willow Weep For Me is enthralling" Jack Kenny - "Themen a veteran master now, in such eloquent form" Peter Vacher.

More information...

It was recorded at the University of Nottingham in 2019.

Track list...

Resteamed" Stan Tracey - wisdom in the wings"
This 2 CD set re-issues two of Stan Tracey's Columbia LP albums from 1969. Recorded within a few weeks of each other this is the first time they have been available in over fifty years. Due to poor sales they were both deleted by the record company shortly after the initial release and had not been re-issued in any format until now by Clark Tracey's Resteamed label.

The first, "Free an' one" is a quartet session with altoist Peter King...The second, titled "The Seven Ages of Man", is by Stan's star-studded big band that included Hank Shaw, Keith Christie, Peter King, Tony Coe, Alan Skidmore and Ronnie Ross among others.

All titles are Tracey originals Track list...

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