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Jazz discographies...
The website contains discographies of the groups listed below. See also the Musicians... page that has an extensive list of individual musician discographies.
All Star Sextet
Norman Burns Quintet
Tito Burns Sextet

Alan Dean beboppers
EmCee Five
Joe Harriott Quintet
Tubby Hayes Quintet
Tubby Hayes Orch.
Ted Heath - 1940s
Ted Heath - 1950s
Ted Heath - 1960s on
Jazz Couriers
Jive Bombers
Johnny Keating
Kirchin Band
Vic Lewis
Melody Maker bands
Harry Parry Sextet
Ronnie Scott Orch.

There are other musicians who made only a few or even only one record and their records have been collected on a single web page...Others...
The discographies for Kenny Baker, George Chisholm, Ian Carr, Johnny Keating and Ted Heath and other include selected 'modern jazz' records only...
The discographies for Joe Temperley, George Shearing and Spike Robinson and others who recorded in the US or Europe only include full details for the records made in the UK...

The main purpose of these discography pages is to indicate what music is currently available in the UK on CD.
They do not contain all the original 78 rpm disk issue numbers but LP or EP numbers are included when known. I can supply many 78rpm numbers if anybody is interested. Availability of CDs is a constantly changing picture and what is currently available can easily be withdrawn by the publishing companies. CD details listed in the discographies in red are believed to be currently available. Those in green are not but may be available second hand...

the musicians For the musicians who are not listed above a link to their discographical details may be available from the musicians link above. If they do not have a separate discography I have indicated on the musicians pages an indication of those discography pages that will lead to details of their recorded work. Pages are being expanded and updated all the time...

the bands Besides individual musicians there are now discographies for leading groups or bands. Most of the bands are listed above but others are available from this link...

time line The time line links leads to some discographical detail of the earliest bands to record what can be seen as the start of British modern jazz. It is restricted to what is available on CD...

A number of the musicians featured here recorded many programmes for the BBC, and very few titles, in fact only a tiny number, have ever been made available commercially. Tubby Hayes is the only musician with a CD available made up from BBC broadcast material which was issued by the IAJRC (International Association of Jazz Record Collectors). This CD is titled - "Tubby Hayes: England's Late Jazz Great". The BBC apparently holds a huge number of sound recordings covering Britain's premier jazz musicians that have never been issued in record format and they have not been included in these discographies unless they have been issued on record or CD.

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