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Pianist John Horler was born in Lymington, Hants in February, 1947. He studied piano and clarinet at the Royal Academy of Music for four years from 1963 and he had his own trio by 1967. He began freelancing in London during the late 1960s and early 1970s and worked with the BBC Big Band in 1972.
Through the 1980s he worked regularly with Peter King and made a number of fine records. for many years he worked with Tony Coe and the quartet of Ronnie Ross.
John Horler also worked at Ronnie Scott's club with the Kenny Baldock Trio and over the years he has accompanied many visiting musicians including Chet Baker, Zoot Sims, Art Farmer, Clark Terry and many others.
From 1984 through to the early 2000s he worked regularly with John Dankworth and Cleo Laine and through the 1990s hr led his own trio and began making records under his leadership as well as freelancing with various groups.

George Chisholm's All Stars - October 25th, 1976 (Trombone Showcase - Line L2030)
George Chisholm (tb), John Horler (p), Brian Dee (org), Lennie Bush (b), Bobby Orr (d).
Jitterbug Waltz/Blues In The Night/Can't We Be Friends/Blue Turning Grey Over You/Night Train.

Tommy Whittle Quartet/Quintet - spring, 1977 (Alamo AJ4501 - Jigsaw)
Tommy Whittle (ts), John Horler (p), Sean Whittle (synth.)*, Lennie Bush (b), Bobby Orr (d).
Jigsaw* (2 takes)/You've Changed/Monotone*/Reflections*/So Do It/Children's Games*/The Way We Were/Triste.

Ernestine Anderson - October 11th, 1977 Live at Ronnie Scott's (Live from Concord to London - Concord Jazz CJ54)
Ernestine Anderson (vocal) accompanied by John Horler (p) + ?(b) + ?(d).
Titles unknown Duke Ellington songs.

Tony Coe / Frank Ricotti - June, 1978 (Coe-Existence - Lee Lambert LAM100)
Tony Coe (cl-3,ts-1,sop-2), John Horler (p), Ron Rubin (b), Trevor Tomkins (d), Frank Ricotti (cl,as,vib,perc).
Rio Vermelho (3)*/Loverman (1)*/Killer Joe (1+2)*/Don't Get Around Much Anymore*/Voce*/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life*/Lee Thompson's Blues*/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You*.
(*Whatmusic CD - Coe Existence)

Tommy Whittle Quartet - January, 1982 (Tee-Jay 101 - The Nearness Of You)
Tommy Whittle (ts, bs-cl, fl), John Horler (p), Sean Whittle (synth -1), Lennie Bush (b), Bobby Orr (d), Barbara Jay (vocal).
Limehouse Blues/Come In From The Rain (vcl)*/Lonesome/New York State Of Mind (vcl)*/Tell Me More Samba/The Nearness Of You (vcl)*/Crosswinds(1)/Willow Weep For Me (vcl)*/I'm Glad There Is You (vcl)*/Little Green Men(1).
(*Spotlite CD - Barbara Jay - Just Friends)

Peter King Quintet - June 23rd, 1982 (New Beginning - Spotlite SPJ520)
Dick Pearce (tp,flhrn), Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
Blues for S.J./Fourth Emergence/Before The Dawn (DP out)/Dolphin Dance/Gingerbread Boy.

Peter King / John Horler - July 15th, 1982 (New Beginning - Spotlite SPJ520)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p).
New Beginning.

Peter King Quartet - January 29th, 1983 (East 34th Street - Spotlite SPJ524)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
Reverse Thrust*/East 34th Street*/3/4 Peace*/Evan's Song*/Solitaire*/Warm Breeze*.
(*Spotlite CD - East 34th Street)

Peter King Quintet - May 26th, 1984 (90% of one per cent - Spotlite SPJ529)
Henry Lowther (tp), Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
Old Folks (HL out)/3/4 Peace/Eye Of The Hurricane/Gingerbread Boy.

Peter King Quartet / Sextet - April 20th and 30th, 1988 (Brother Bernard - Miles Music MM076)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Tony Levin (d).
But Beautiful*/Dalin*/Overjoyed*.
add Guy Barker (tp) and Alan Skidmore (ts).
Brother Bernard*/Chatelet*/Playing In the Yard*.
(*Miles Music CD - Brother Bernard)

Peter King Quartet - late 1980s (Focus - KPM Music KPM 1307)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
For Starters/East 34th Street/Bill's Peace/New Chapter/One By One/Focus.

Tony Crombie and friends - January 5th and 19th, 1989 (Tony Crombie and friends - Renaissance REN001)
Peter King (as), John Horler (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Tony Crombie (d), Johnny van Derrick (vln), Tony Dakis (accord).
Tango '89/Fallen Bird (TC,TD out).
John Horler (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Johnny van Derrick (vln). Child Of Fancy.

Marion Montgomery Quintet - November, 1989 (Live at Ronnie Scott's - Jazz House JHCD011)
Marion Montgomery (vocal) accompanied by John Horler (p), Shaun Whittle (syn), Phil Lee (g), Jeff Clyne (b), Trevor Tomkins (d).
Titles unknown.

Originally recorded in 1989, but not released then, these recording were re-mastered and issued for the first time in 2004...
Spike Heatley Quartet - c1989 (One for Clifford...and another one for Tubby - Renella Records CD)
Alan Barnes (ts,as,cl), John Horler (p), Spike Heatley (b), Malcolm Mortimer (d).
Hot Heights/One For Clifford/When Spring Comes Around/(Meet) The Flinstones (2 takes)/Spike Island Special/Tubby/Song For My Children/The Ringer.
(Renella CD - One for Clifford...and another one for Tubby)

The Dankworth Big Band - January 18th and 19th,1990 ("Live" at Ronnie Scott's - RSCD2015)
Derek Healey, Tony Fisher, Guy Barker, Leon Calvert (tp), Mark Nightingale, Eddie Harvey, Bill Geldard (tb), Dave Powell (tuba), Jamie Talbot (as), Don Rendell, Dave O'Higgins, Jimmy Hasting (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), John Horler (p), Alec Dankworth (bs, bs-g), Allan Ganley, Tony Kinsey (d), John Dankworth (ldr).
Caravan*/Old blues*/Bye Bye Manuel*/Stompiing At The Savoy*/Starburst*/ Georgia On My Mind*/Take the A Train*.
(*Ronnie Scott's CD - The Dankworth Big Band "Live" at Ronnie Scott's)

John Horler Quartet - July 4th, 1990 (Gentle Peace - Spotlite)
John Horler (p), Phil Lee (g), Dave Green (b), Spike Wells (d).
This Is My Lovely Day*/Astra (PL out)*/Melancholia (PL out)*/Daisy (JH and PL only)*/All The Things You Are (PL out)*/My Funny Valentine (JH and PL only)*/Interlude (solo p)*/Gentle Piece (JH and PL only)*/Two Bits (JH and PL only)*/Solid Silver*/Whisper Not (PL out)*.
(*Spotlite CD - Gentle Peace)

Harry Allen Quartet - c1992 (Someone to light up my life - Mastermix CHECD00100)
Harry Allen (ts), John Horler (p), Peter Morgan (b), Oliver Jackson (d).
titles unknown.

John Horler - 1994 - 2008 (As time goes by - Mainstem)
John Horler (piano solos).
Alone Together*/Poor Butterfly*/Dancing Times*/I'll Never Smile Again*/The Odd Blues*/Allan With Two LLs*/Parisian Thoroughfare*/My Funny Valentine*/Some Other Time*/Saintly Horns*/Darn That Dream*/As Time Goes By*.
(*Mainstem CD - As time goes by)

Tony Coe / John Horler - 1995 (Blue Jersey)
Tony Coe (cl,ts), Dave Horler (v-tb), John Horler (p), Malcolm Creese (b), Allan Ganley (d).
I Got Rhythm*/Three*/You Stepped Out Of A Dream*/Solid Silver*/What Is This Thing Called Love*/Blue Jersey*/Chrissie*/This Heart Of Mine*/Royal Blues*.
(*Audio-B CD - Blue Jersey)

Tony Coe / John Horler - March 22nd, 1997 (In Concert - Bristol)
Tony Coe (cl,ts), John Horler (p), Malcolm Creese (b).
Waltz*/Blue Rose*/Re: Person I Knew*/Dearly Beloved*/Body & Soul*/You Stepped Out Of A Dream*/Minor Dance*.
(*Audio-B CD - In Concert)

John Williams - May 7th, 1997 (John Williams' Baritone Band - Spotlite SPJCD 564)
John Williams, Alan Wakeman, Andy Panayi, Chris Biscoe (bs,reeds), John Horler (p), Jim Richardson (b), Trevor Tomkins (d).
Walkin' Shoes/Short Stop/E's Little Blues/October Sun/Trouble In Mind/Bariphonology/Deserted Shepherdess/Moanin'.
(Spotlite CD - John Williams' Baritone Band)

Elaine Delmar - May 22nd, 1997 (Nobody Else But Me - Spotlite SPJ563)
Elaine Delmar (vcl) acc by: Dick Pearce (flhrn), John Horler (p), Phil Lee (g), Dave Green, Bobby Worth (d).
Nobody Else But Me/Hymn For Jobim/I Will Say Goodbye/Once Upon A Summertime/All The Things You Are/My Foolish Heart.
(Spotlite CD - Nobody Else But Me)

John Williams - July 3rd, 1997 (John Williams' Baritone Band - Spotlite SPJCD 564)
Steve Waterman (flhrn-2), John Williams, John Surman, Jay Craig, Alan Barnes (bs,reeds), John Horler (p), Tim Wells (b), Trevor Tomkins (d).
Echoes Of Harlem/Round Trip/Waltz For CP/Rockin' In Rhythm/Prima Vera(2)/Funkarello(2)/Four Brothers.
(Spotlite CD - John Williams' Baritone Band)

John Dankworth and friends - February 18th,1998 (Moon Valley - Dankworth Management)
John Dankworth (cl,sop,as), John Horler (p), Malcolm Creese (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Moon Valley*/Stompin' At The Savoy*/Down The Line*/Son Of Sparky*/Close To You*/Days Of Wine And Roses*/Casa 50*/Spooks*/Autumn In New York*.
(*Audio-B CD - Moon Valley)

John Dankworth Quintet - December 10th, 2002 (JD5 - Dankworth Management)
John Dankworth (cl,as), Mark Nightingale (tb), John Horler (p), Alec Dankworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Twelve unknown titles*.
(*Dankworth Management CD - JD5) CD available from

John Dankworth Quintet - Probably c2002 (In A Mellow Tone - Dankworth Management)
John Dankworth (cl,as), Mark Nightingale (tb), John Horler (p), Alec Dankworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Twelve unknown Duke Eellington titles*.
(*Dankworth Management CD - In a mellow tone) CD available from

John Williams - c2002 (Tenorama - Spotlite SPJ 572)
John Williams (rec,cl,bs), Bob Sydor (cl,ts), Phil Day, Don Rendell (ts), John Horler (p), Jim Richardson (b), Trevor Tomkins (d).
Prez's Boogie/Mr J.C. (these are the only two titles that Don Rendell plays on).
(*Spotlite CD - Tenorama)

John Horler Trio - October 13th, 2003 (Sorry it's been so long - Woodville)
John Horler (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Trevor Tomkins (d).
The Touch Of your Lips*/Salina Street*/G.Waltz*/He Was Too Good For Me*/Sorry It's Been So Long*/Gentle Bossa*/Even Stevens*/A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square*/Moon Valley*/Foolish Door*.
(*Woodville CD - Sorry It's Been So Long)

Danny Moss - John Dankworth Quintet November 28th, 2006 (About 42 years later - Avid CD)
Danny Moss (ts), John Dankworth (as), Dave Lee / John Horler (p), Allan Ganley (d).
Good Queen Bess*/This Heart Of Mine*/C Jam Blues*/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face*/Man*/Squatty Roo*/Like Someone In Love*/There Will Never Be Another You*/Jive At Five*/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams*/Things Ain't What They Used To Be*.
(*Avid CD - About 42 years later)

Tony Coe Quartet - c2007 (Before the Dawn - Chapter One Records)
Tony Coe (ts,cl), John Horler, Bob Cornford(1) (p), Chris Laurence or Alec Dankworth (b), Trevor Tomkins (d).
Jake The Snake Sings The Blues*/Lyrical Coe*/Are We There Yet*/Blue Monk*/Yesterdays*/What Is This Thing Called Love*/Before The Dawn*/Some Other Autumn(1)*.
(*Chapter One Records CD - Before the Dawn (Live in London))

Alan Barnes Octet - January, 2008 (The music of Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn)
Bruce Adams (tp,fhrn), Andy Wood (tb,v-tbn), Tony Coe (ts,sop-cl), Alan Barnes (as,cl,b-cl), Andy Panayi (bs,cl,fl), John Horler (p), Alec Dankworth (b), Mike Smith (d).
Take The Duke (A) Train*/Snibor*/Second Line*/Black Butterfly*/Fantazm*/Harlem Airshaft*/Sunswept Sunday*/Battle Royal*/Tonight I Shall Sleep*/Fife*/Brown Penny*/La Plus Belle Africaine*.
(*Woodville CD - The music of Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn)

The Allan Ganley Jazz Legacy - March 17th, 2009 (June Time - Vocalion CDSML 8454)
Simon Gardner, Tony Fisher, Henry Lowther, Martin Shaw, Mike Lovatt (tp), Mark Nightingale, Cliff Hardie, Gordon Campbell, Bill Geldard, Ashley Horton (tb), Andy Mackintosh, Julian Siegal, Alan Barnes, Roy Willox, Jimmy Hastings (saxes), John Horler (p), Phil Lee (g), Malcolm Creese (b), Mike Smith (d).
Victor*/My Shining Hour*/June Time*/Don't Mention It*/Gentle Jim*/Two For The Road*/Let's Run Around*/Those Days*/Around The Track*/Allisamba*/My One And Only Love*/One Morning In May*/Detour Ahead*.
(*Vocalion CD - The Allan Ganley Jazz Legacy - June Time)

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