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R & B Records"Joe Harriott Quintet - The Rakes Progress - At The BBC"
' Controversial, creative and captivating, Joe Harriott’s music was among the finest to emerge from the dynamic British jazz scene of the early to late ‘60s. 'Freeform' and 'Abstract' the two albums the Jamaican saxophonist recorded in that period are recognized as landmarks, and these BBC sessions from 27th January 1961, 21st November 1964 and 2nd January 1966, which see him lead bands that include fellow prime movers such as trumpeters Ian Carr and Shake Keane, and pianists Pat Smythe and Michael Garrick are an invaluable record of the development of an artist who found his own innovative path way ahead of his time. Sleeve notes are by Kevin Le Gendre.
‘The material included on this album was, as far as I know, not released previously anywhere, it is worth its weight in gold. Warmly recommended to all British Jazz fans anywhere on this planet.’ Adam Baruch. Committed and spirited across the very nearly 80 minutes of multi-hued, brash and effusive bop.’ Russell Newmark – The Beat. ’79’59 minutes of brilliance. Michael Wilkinson.
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R & B Records"Directions in Jazz Unit directed by Bill Le Sage"
The Directions In Jazz Unit cut some dynamic radio and TV sessions between 1963 and 1964 in Hamburg and London. This 2CD set also features the Ronnie Ross Quartet and Sax Section. Sleeve notes by Duncan Heining. 'This highly attractive compilation…contains nothing to frighten the horses and there are several examples that really do convey a singular beauty.’ Russell Newmark – The Beat.
Overall, this is a wonderful time capsule of the early days of modern British Jazz, which is a delightful trip down memory lane, and quite an educational perspective of the history of the British Jazz chronology.

The first CD contains a session made for the German radio station NDR, and the second contains three BBC sessions plus three tracks from the NDR session. The recordings date from 1964, 28th February, 16th June, 19th October and 18th December.
The combined personnel includes Bill Lesage, Ronnie Ross, Johnny Scott, Bob Burns, Vic Ash, Spike Heatley, Tony Carr and the Freddy Alexander Cello Ensemble.

Hadleigh Jazz Records"Art Themen with George Double and Pete Whittaker - Dizzy Moods"
Recorded on October 1st, 2021 at Fish Factory Studio, London this is the second CD recorded by the Trio which is made up of Art Themen on tenor sax, Paul Whitaker on Hammond organ and George Double on drums.

This second CD continues the Trio's policy of their first CD, (Thane and the Villeins), to produce a collection of listenable and quirky tunes from a wide variety of sources. These sources include jazz names Zoot Sims, Charlie Mingus, Duke Pearson and Thelonius Monk. Other titles come from George Gershwin and, unusually for a jazz album, from Noel Coward.

Themen, of course, is well known to veteram jazz followers from his long association with Michael Garrick and Stan Tracey in the 1960s and '70s and now in his eighties he is continuing to play gigs and festivals around the country.

The CD will be abailable to buy at the Trio's gigs or if you are unable to attend one of these direct from the Hadleigh Jazz Records website.
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Anybody with access to YouTube can see and hear the Trio in live action at a recent festival in the UK...

Cadillac"Joe Harriott Quintet - Swings High"
Recorded fifty five years ago in March, 1967 when Harriott had finished his excursions into Free Form, Indo Jazz Fusion and Raga and for this recording reverted to the swinging post bebop style that he was such a master of.

The group is made up of a rhythm section of Pat Smythe on piano, Coleridge Goode on double bass and Phil Seamen on drums, all of whom had worked with Joe many times before and the under-rated Stu Hamer plays trumpet in place of Harriott's normal partner Shake Keane.

The whole group rises to the occasion with Harriott in imperious, swaggering form.

After this date Harriott recorded with the Stan Tracey Big Brass and and a few others up until his last recording in 1969. He died in 1973 at the age of 44.

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ReSteamed"The Stan Tracey Trio - the 1959 Sessions"
The 1959 Sessions is an album of two halves. Four tracks of standards with drummer Tony Crombie and four of original Tracey compositions with drummer Phil Seamen.

At the time of recording, Tracey was pianist in the Ted Heath Orchestra, Britain’s premier dance band, a haven for the more skilful of modern jazz musicians. But precise and glossy weren’t really an outlet for Tracey’s brand of individualism.
However, once in range of Decca’s microphones in Broadhurst Gardens, Hampstead, Tracey’s idiosyncratic style was freed from its shackles. Three days later, the trio, now with legendary drummer Phil Seamen replacing Crombie, returned to Broadhurst Gardens to tape four of Tracey’s own compositions, showing traces of Tracey’s other major influence, Duke Ellington.

The album was meticulously transferred from original master tapes by Mike Brown. Alyn Shipton supplied the authoritative sleeve note and the entire event was produced by Tracey’s son, drummer Clark Tracey.
Stan Tracey, piano; Kenny Napper, bass; Tony Crombie, Phil Seamen, drums. Recorded at Decca U.K. Studio, Hampstead, London, 5 , 8 June, 1959. Track list...

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