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Ralph Dollimore, Roy East, Johnny Scott, Bob Burns, Reg Wale, Roy Castle Gray Allard

Pianist Ralph Dollimore was born in 1930 and died in 1988. His jazz career was in the early 1950s. While still in the Army he wrote to Kenny Graham pleading to join Kenny's band. At one of the gigs he button-holed Kenny, announced who he was, and as luck would have it, pianist Honeybourne was about to leave so he joined the Afro-Cubists in 1951 and for later recordings. When the Afro-Cubists broke up he was with the Terry Brown Sextet in 1952 and Jimmy Walker in 1952. He also led his own trio for a while. From 1952 to 1953 he was with the Ted Heath band. He did extensive radio and TV work and in 1970/80 led a trio in Monte Carlo before returning to the UK.

Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists - June 4th, 1951 (Esquire)
Jo Hunter (tp), Kenny Graham (ts), Ralph Dollimore (p), Roy Plummer (g), Cliff Ball (b), Dickie Devere (d) + maracas and conga
Chloe*/Over The Rainbow*/Skylon*/Dome Of Discovery*.
(*Charly/Esquire 4 CD box set - bebop IN BRITAIN - issued in 1991 currently only available second hand...)

Melody Maker's New Stars - May 8th, 1952 (Esquire 10-234/237)
Ken Wray (tb), Vic Ash (cl), Geoff Taylor (as), Jimmy Walker (ts), Ralph Dollimore (p), Cliff Ball (b), Don Lawson (d).
Searchlight/The Fifth Man*/Mike's Choice*/St. Maurice.
(*Hallmark CD - Basement Bop - British jazz in the 1950s)

Jimmy Walker Quintet - July 11th, 1952 (Lyragon J706)
Jimmy Walker (sop), Roy Herbert (acc), Ralph Dollimore (p), Arthur Watts (b), Allan Ganley (d).
A Fine Romance/Hallelujah.

Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists - October 8th, 1952 (Esquire)
Terry Brown (tp), Kenny Graham (ts), Ralph Dollimore (p), Bruce Swain (b), Dicky Devere (d) + maracas, conga and bongo.
Boom/Barbados/All The King's Horses/Peanut Vendor.

Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists - February 5th, 1953 (Esquire)
Jo Hunter (tp), Kenny Graham , Derek Humble, Joe Temperley, Bertie King (ts), Oscar Birch (bs), Ralph Dollimore (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d) + conga.
I'll Remember April/Jump For Joe (two takes)/A Night In Tunisia (two takes)/Take The 'A' Train (three takes).

Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists - April 29th, 1953 (Esquire 20-012, Esquire EP63*) (JMC2)
Jo Hunter (tp), Kenny Graham, Norman Fantham, Eddie Mordue, Wally Moffatt (ts), Oscar Birch (bs), Ralph Dollimore (p), Joe Muddel (b), Phil Seamen (d) + maracas and conga.
Afro-Kadabra (parts 1 and 2)*/Flamingo/Keni B'sindika.

Music In the Making - January 27th, 1954 (Vogue LDE051)
Jo Hunter, Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Jimmy Skidmore, Don Rendell (ts), Ralph Dollimore (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Ice Fall*
Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Don Rendell (ts), Ralph Dollimore (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Mountain Sunset*
Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Ralph Dollimore (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Where Or When*
(*Jasmine CD - Music In the Making)

Aces Anonymous or Mike Nevard's Melody Maker All Stars - May 13th, 1954 (The Cool Europeans - MGME3157)
Don Rendell (ts), Johnny Dankworth (as), Albert Hall (tp), Ralph Dollimore (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Deep Purple*/Rhumblues/I'll Remember April/Amalgam/Two Sleepy People.
(*Avid 2 CD set - Cleo Laine & John Dankworth: Three Early LPs & More)

Aces Annonymous or Mike Nevard's Melody Maker All Stars - May 15th, 1954 (New sounds from Olde England - Blue Note BLP5052
John Dankworth (as), Don Rendell (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Albert Hall (tp), Ralph Dollimore (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Tony Kinsey (d).
Quick Returns*/Crystal/I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket(1)/Jazz Club USA/Nom De Plume/Epigram.
(*Avid 2 CD set - Cleo Laine & John Dankworth: Three Early LPs & More)

George Chisholm Quintet - possibly c1967 (Philips LPS16002)
George Chisholm (tb), Max Harris / Ralph Dollimore (p), Ike Isaacs (g), Franke Clarke (b), Kenny Clare / Ronnie Verrell (d).
I Wish I Didn't Love You So/Caravan/What's New/How Insensitive/There Will Never Be Another You/Laura/Shadow Of Your Smile/Stella By Starlight/It's Getting Late/Here's That Rainy Day/Say It Isn't So/Blues For Twos.

Roy East was born in Northampton in 1930. He played alto and baritone saxes, clarinet and flute. He was 'discovered' by columnist Tony Hall while visiting London in 1952 and worked with Oscar Rabin in 1954-'55 and then toured with Vic Lewis 1955-'56. Then worked with Dizzy Reece in the New Jazz Group during 1957, and with Vic Ash during 1958-'59 and again with Vic Lewis. East recorded with Vic Lewis in 1955, '59 and 1960. Playing in a band that included Ronnie Chamberlain he had few solo spots but the 1959 session was a small group date and details are shown below. He joined Johnny Dankworth in spring, 1961 and appears on a number of recording dates from 1961-'63 although as an alto sax player his solo opportunities were limited . In later years he lived in Devon and led his own quartet throughout the south-west until his death in 1995.
He was described as an alto player of exceptional intensity his phrasing and tone often recalling Phil Woods.

Vic Lewis and his Group - June 24th, 1959 (Concept VL5)
Eddie Blair, Les Condon (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Roy East (as), Ronnie Scott (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Alan Branscombe (p), Bill Sutcliffe (b), Dave Pearson (d), Vic Lewis (dir).
I Never Knew A Love Like This/Salt Peanuts/Mound Bayou/Little Girl/Pennsylvania Turnpike*/Stanhope Place*.
(*Vocalion CD - Vic Lewis & His Big Band - Tea Break, Back Again & Jazz From Two Sides)

Vic Lewis and his All Stars - June, 1959 (Ember CJS807)
Dickie McPherson, Jimmy Deuchar, Leon Calvert, Gordon Turnbill (Kenny Wheeler-1) (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Roy East (as), Vic Ash (cl,ts) Art Ellefson (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Terry Shannon (p), Arthur Watts (b), Allan Ganley (d), Vic Lewis (dir).
The Beaulie Suite (Beaulie Blues - Lady Belinda - Motor Museum - Domus - Monty) / Selections From The Springbok And American Suite (Gold Dust (1) - Dobbs Ferry - The Jacoranda Tree - Beau Kai - The Forest).

Johnny Scott was born in Bristol in 1930. He played flute, saxes, clarinet and vibes. He spent time with the Royal Artillery Band where he studied clarinet, harp, piano, saxes and orchestration. On his discharge from the Army in 1952 he played vibes with Norman Burns and then took up the flute. During the late 1950s he worked with Vic Ash's sextet, Kenny Baker and co-led a group with Art Ellefson as well as freelancing in many other groups. He led his own group for a while and was featured with Woody Herman's Anglo-American Herd in 1959. He then began to compose and arrange for Ted Heath and became involved in studio, film and TV work which continued into the 1990s.
He did record groups under his own name. In 1962 "A study for jazz quintet", a suite in three movements with flute, cello and guitar.
In 1965 he led a big band to record a dozen London "themes" in what appears to be essentially light music. This was followed in 1967 by a quintet (details below). He recorded on many studio sessions a few of which are listed below

Ken Moule's Music - January 28th/February 4th, 1958 (Decca LK4261)
Leon Calvert (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Dickie Hawdon (ten-h), Johnny Scott, Roy Willox(or Derek Grossmith) (f), Dougie Robinson (as), Bob Efford (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Bob Edwards (tu), Ken Moule (p), Arthur Watts (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Messin' About In Boats*/Mr.Toad*/Mouse Carol*/Wind In The Willows*.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz At Toad Hall/Ken Moule Arranges For)
(*Real Gone Jazz 4 CD set - Ronnie Ross Seven Classic Albums plus bonus tracks)
(*Real Gone Jazz 4 CD set - Don Rendell Six Classic Albums plus bonus tracks)

Ken Moule's Music - February 11th/13th, 1958 (Decca LK4261)
Leon Calvert (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Dougie Robinson (as), Bob Efford, Art Ellefson(or Johnny Scott) (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Ken Moule (p), Arthur Watts (b), Allan Ganley (d).
The Boy Friend*/Fishin' The Blues*/Will O'-The Wisp*/Poor Arthur*/Blue Grass*.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz At Toad Hall/Ken Moule Arranges For)
(*Real Gone Jazz 4 CD set - Ronnie Ross Seven Classic Albums plus bonus tracks)
(*Real Gone Jazz 4 CD set - Don Rendell Six Classic Albums plus bonus tracks)

Eddie Thompson Trio - January 20th, 1958 (Vox VX1450)
Eddie Thompson (p), Arthur Watts (b), Jackie Dougan (d). (1)Add Tubby Hayes (vib) and Johnny Scott (f).
Underneath The Arches*/There's A Lovely Lake In London*/Chelsea Bridge*/Limehouse Blues*/Passport To Pimlico#*/Nelson's Column*/A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square(1)#*/London Pride(1)#*/ A Foggy Day(1)#*.
(#Jasmine CD -Tubby Hayes - London Pride)
(*Acrobat CD - London Piano - Eddie Thompson and Dave Lee)

Kenny Baker Group - May 19th and 21st, 1958 (Nixa NJT517)
Kenny Baker (tp), Johnny Scott (fl), Harry Smith (p), Jack Fallon (b), Lennie Hastings (d).
Exactly Like You.
Kenny Baker (tp), Ray Premru (b-tp), Johnny Scott (fl), Danny Moss (ts), Harry Smith (p), Jack Fallon (b), Lennie Hastings (d).
When My Sugar Walks Down The Stret/Diga Diga Doo/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.
Kenny Baker (tp), Johnny Scott (fl), Bruce Turner (as), Harry Smith (p), Jack Fallon (b), Lennie Hastings (d).
Kenny Baker (tp), Johnny Scott (fl), Harry Smith (p), Jack Fallon (b), Lennie Hastings (d).
I Must Have That Man*/You're A Sweetheart/How Blue The Night.
(*Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)

This was a combined US/UK band that Woody Herman put together for a European concert tour...
Woody Herman's Anglo-American Herd - April, 1959 (?)
Nat Adderley, Les Condon, Bert Courtley, Renauld Jones, Kenny Wheeler (tp), Bill Harris, Eddie Harvey, Ken Wray (tb), Woody Herman (cl,as), Art Ellefson, Don Rendell, Ronnie Ross, Johnny Scott (saxes), Charlie Byrd (g), Vince Guaraldi (p), Keeter Betts (b), Jimmy Cambell (d).
The Preacher/Like Some Blues Man, Like/From Pillar To Post/Four Brothers/Opus De Funk/Early Autumn/Playgirl Stroll/Wood Chopper's Ball.

The Downbeat Big Band - November 14th, 1959
Bobby Pratt, Les Condon, Hank Shaw, Eddie Blair (tp), Hank Stampf (tb,bs-tp), Alan Branscombe (as), Tubby Hayes, Johnny Scott (ts), Jack Sharpe (bs), Terry Shannon (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Along Came Betty*/The Scene Is Clean*/East Of The Sun*/Southern Horizons*/Blues At The Manor*/Confirmation*/"E"*.
("Acrobat CD - Blues At The Manor 1959-60 Tubby Hayes and the Downbeat Big Band)

All night long: In June and July,1961 Tubby Hayes, with Orchestra, Quartet, Sextet and Octet recorded the music from the film All night long for Fontana. Some titles are from the soundtrack itself. Film music does not usually reflect a jazz musician's best work the original soundtrack was available on a Harkit CD - (All Night Long - The original Soundtrack)., but this is now out of print. A number of tracks are available on a new (2013) Tubby Hayes compilation. The film is still available on DVD. Dave Brubeck and Charlie Mingus appear in scenes in the film...
Tubby Hayes Octet
Bert Courtley (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Johnny Scott (as,f), Tubby Hayes (ts), Colin Purbrook (p), Ray Dempsey (g), Kenny Napper (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Scott Free*/Dedication to Johnny Hodges*.

Tubby Hayes Trio
Johnny Scott (as,f), Tubby Hayes (ts), Colin Purbrook (p).

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra
Bert Courtley, Stan Roderick, Tommy McQuater, Derrick Abbott (tp), Keith Christie, Jack Armstrong, L.Clarke, J.Irvin (tb), Johnny Scott (as,f), Damian Robinson (as), Tubby Hayes, Keith Bird (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Colin Purbrook (p), Ray Dempsey (g), Kenny Napper (b), Allan Ganley (d), Phil Green (arr).
Sax Reference#*/The Chase#*.
(#Proper Records 4CD Box set - Tubby Hayes: Little Giant Steps)

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra
Bert Courtley, Stan Roderick, Ray Davies, Derrick Abbott (tp), Keith Christie, Don Lusher, Wally Smith, Ken Goldie (tb), Johnny Scott (as,f), Damian Robinson (as), Tubby Hayes, Keith Bird (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Colin Purbrook (p), Ray Dempsey (g), Kenny Napper (b), Allan Ganley (d), Phil Green (arr).
Skin Fever*/Frenzy*.

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra
Freddie Clayton, Bert Courtley, Stan Roderick, Tommy McQuater (tp), Keith Christie, Jack Armstrong, L.Clarke, J.Irvin (tb), Johnny Scott (as,f), Damian Robinson (as), Tubby Hayes, F.Reidy, Phil Goodie (saxes), Ronnie Ross (bs), Colin Purbrook (p), Ray Dempsey (g), Kenny Napper (b), Allan Ganley, S. Whittaker (d), Phil Green (arr).
(*Real Gone Jazz CD - Tubby Hayes: Seven Classic Albums)
(#Proper Records 4CD Box set - Tubby Hayes: Little Giant Steps)

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra (Equation in Rhythm)
As above + Jack Constanzo (bgo).
Penitentiary Breakout*#/Chase and Capture#*.
(*Real Gone Jazz CD - Tubby Hayes: Seven Classic Albums)
(#Proper Records 4CD Box set - Tubby Hayes: Little Giant Steps)

Johnny Scott Quintet - 1967 (Columbia 33SX6149)
Johnny Scott (as,fl), Duncan Lamont (ts), Arthur Watts (b), Barry Morgan (d), David Snell (harp).
Communication/Mode Moderne/Measure For Measure/Eleanor It's For You/Manha De Carnaval/Donna Lee/Something's Coming/Morning Theories/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/M.V.4/Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss/Caravan.

Reg (1959) Reg Wale played vibes, and appeared in the Melody Maker Readers Poll in 1957/58/59. His best position was in 1959 when he came fourth behind the stars of the day Bill Le Sage, Tubby Hayes and Stan Tracey. It seems that he never recorded in a jazz context although in 1959 he did record a "with strings" EP titled "A tale of two cities" for the Saga record label. The orchestra was under the direction of the arranger Bill Oliver and four ballads were recorded. Attempts to find biographical details about him have failed. Visitors to this website remember him and their comments are printed below:
Reg Wale was in the army and was posted to Malta were he met guitarist Bill Bramwell and after demob, they teamed up with Bassist Bernie Woods and several other musicians to forge the Reg Wale Combo. They toured South Africa. I know little of Reg's career other than a musician friend of mine said he 'Had a pathalogical fear of becoming famous'
There is a Utube recording of Reg playing 'Fruity Flute' The line up on the 'Fruity Flute' includes Johnny Scott on flute, and the drums were overdubbed later by Reg, additionally, he plays the vibes.

Bill Bramwell and Reg Wale were engaged, late 50's by a Music Library (de Wolfe) to write incidental, advertising copy and jingles for advertisements. They went on to found their own losely structured agency. One of the founders was the mother of Madonna's ex-husband, Guy Ritchie. Johnny Scott the flautist and composer was introduced by Bill and also worked with the company.
The original Reg Wale band was Bill Bramwell, Lennie Felix, Bernie Woods and an unknown flautist. After the band returned to the UK, from South Africa it folded, Bill went to work on a cruise ship, Reg worked the London scene, mainly as a freelance drummer / vibraphonist.
This next statement is gossip, however it has roots in reality - as I have heard a couple of old musicians repeat it. Reg is said to have depped for Ringo (Beatles) on an LP. I was informed of it's title but I cannot remember the precise disc.
Reg seems to have had connexions to a sixties/seventies budget record label and he made several 'easy listening' discs - a couple under his name and several non descript pot boilers. He also depped in the 'Jump Band' (as did Bill) and possibly for a short time in Sid Phillip's band, 1953/4...Alex Balmforth


Bob Burns (1969) Bob Burns was born in Toronto, Canada in 1923 and died in 2000. He played alto and tenor saxes. He came to the UK during World War II with the Canadian Central Air Force Band and gigged with various bands including that of Denis Rose in 1945. He had a brief spell with Ted Heath during 1948-'49 and Jack Parnell in the early 1950s and worked with Parnell's ATV Orchestra for many years. In the 1970s he continued to play regularly in jazz clubs, sometimes with his own small groups and also co-led a quintet with Kathy Stobart. In the late 1980s he returned to Canada.
He recorded in the late 1940s with the Ralph Sharon Bobtet and the Ted Heath Orchestra and in the mid 1950s with groups led by George Chisholm, Kenny Baker, Jack Parnell and Tony Crombie.

Roy Castle
(E-mail from Mark Tovey - June 2009)

You may not consider Roy Castle falls within the remit of British Jazz but I thought I'd drop you a line about some records he made during the 1960s as a jazz-inspired singer which feature many fine British jazzers. His first LP, Castlewise (Philips 1961) was arranged by Wally Stott, with a band including: Harry Klein, Wally Smith, Don Lusher, Bobby Pratt, Alan Metcalfe, Bernie Fenton, Frank Clarke, Ronnie Verrell & others (Roy name checks each musician on the track "How High The Moon").

His 2nd LP, Gary Moore Presents Roy Castle (Reprise 1964) was recorded partly in the U.S. and partly in the U.K. The U.K sessions were done at CTS studios with arrangements by Kenny Napper (personnel unknown).

His 3rd and last LP as a jazz-inspired singer was Songs For A Rainy Day (Columbia 1966), a combination of big band tracks, small jazz combo tracks, and string section ones, produced by Ken Barnes, arranged by Victor Graham. Although it's obviously a vocal LP, there are plenty of brief solos. Some of the musicians are: Don Lusher, Jackie Armstrong, Al Newman, Ray Swinfield, Leon Calvert, Gordon Beck, Ike Isaacs, Jeff Clyne and a young drummer by the name of Joe "O.G." Oliver, who I've never seen mentioned since. Very strange, as his drumming is excellent. This is the only record to have seen a CD issue (now, bafflingly re-titled "Isn't This A Lovely Day" (!!). This is available on EMI Gold label.

There is a 7" single that Roy recorded with Tubby Hayes'. In 1964 they both appeared together in the movie "Dr Terror's House of horrors" in which Roy played the part of a trumpeter put under a curse for having stolen music from a voodoo ceremony. In 1965 CBS issued the faux horror hokum, "Dr Terror's House Of Horrors" on 7", although the song had no real connection to the movie, other than the title. This was arranged by Kenny Napper and features Tubby on flute. The b-side, "Voodoo Girl" is much better. Written by Tubby, this had originally appeared in the movie as an instrumental (with Roy miming to the trumpet work of Shake Keane). For the single Kenny Napper re-arranged the tune and Roy wrote some suitably tongue in cheek lyrics, making for a groovy piece of exotica. Tubby plays some excellent flute on it, as well as marimba. The other musicians are unknown - Simon Spillet says it's not Tubby's regular quintet players of the time. Original copies are very scarce and fetch �150 or more. However, it was re-pressed in the 1980s, and this edition is fairly easy to track down.

Gray Allard
On March 22nd, 1952 the Melody Maker critics chose tenor sax player Gray Allard as one of their six jazzmen to watch. He was born in Faversham, Kent in 1926 (or 1927), and in 1950 he quit his job as a policeman, bought an alto sax and studied with Aubrey Frank. A year later he switched to tenor and after a few dance band jobs teamed up with Aubrey Frank, Ronnie Scott and Tommy Whittle in a four tenor group for jazz club dates. Although a popular figure in the clubs he returned to dance band work followed by four months with Ralph Sharon. He then joined Basil Kirchin at the Ritz in Manchester which is where he was when chosen by the "MM" critics.
He continued in the dance band world through the 1950s including brief spells with Jack Parnell and Tommy Whittle but never progressed in the jazz world as the critics had hoped.
He made one record, in 1975, with the Peter Ind Sextet (WaveLP13) in a group that included Chas Burchell, Bernie Cash, Derek Phillips, Dave Cliff and Ind himself on bass.
Soon after this Allard became a music teacher. He died in November, 1991.

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