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Turtle Records"Gordon Beck Jubilation - Trios, Quartets and Septets in session 1964 - 1984"
Gordon Beck, English jazz pianist and composer, broke onto the London scene in the early 1960s, joining the Tubby Hayes group in 1962 and forming his own succession of groups from 1965 onwards. A subsequent 26 album career established him as one of the most important musicians in British Jazz before passing away in 2011.
The estate of Gordon Beck granted access to his own archive of analogue tape recordings which included various live performances over a 20 year period. None had been released before.
Turtle Records is proud to present these excellent performances, now transferred and collated, which capture the group playing a variety of some well-known compositions plus a large number of Gordon Beck originals, which are surely a must for any serious modern jazz fan. They chronicle a peak period of creativity and performance by Gordon involving key line ups of his groups with musicians including a who’s who of British Jazz: Jeff Clyne, Johnny Butts, Ron Mathewson, John McLaughlin, Tony Oxley, Kenny Wheeler, Ray Warleigh, Chris Pyne, Frank Ricotti.
The box set has been curated by noted Jazz aficionados Colin Harper and Simon Spillett, the former the author of the biography on John McLaughlin, the latter the biographer of Tubby Hayes who has also penned the essay in the booklet. With rare photographs from the lens of music photographer Jak Kilby.
Presented in a clamshell box with individual discs in wallets, each covering a particular period and a 36 page booklet. Track list...
Acrobat"So Much So Quickly - British Modern Jazz Pianists (1948 - 1962)"
To those British jazzmen coming to terms with the Bebop revolution of the Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk during the late 1940s, there was one, hugely imposing barrier; harmony. The new, supersonic melodies and off-kilter rhythms were one thing but underpinning these and forming the very bedrock of the music was a very novel, very definite methodology, a new system of chordal building blocks that challenged the understanding of all but the most patient. Inevitably, it fell to the pianists – those with a map of keyboard harmony laid out before them – to try and discover just what were these new, at times mind-bogglingly complex routes towards the cutting edge. “So Much, So Quickly” charts the rise and development of British modern jazz piano during the 1940s, 50s and early 60s, charting a journey which moves from the hip stylings of the young George Shearing and Ralph Sharon through the classic Hard Bop of Terry Shannon, the wilful, unpredictable originality of Stan Tracey and onto the post-Bill Evans brilliance of Gordon Beck. Over 25 tracks, the music moves from bop to cool, from soul-jazz to free-improv and beyond, taking in the work of well-known names Dudley Moore, Victor Feldman and Harry South, together with rarities from such overlooked contributors as Damian Robinson, Stan Jones and Norman Stenfalt. Featuring a host of other famous British modern jazz icons – Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Joe Harriott, Phil Seamen et al – this release also includes an extensive booklet essay by award-winning saxophonist Simon Spillett, period photographs and three previously unissued tracks.
ReSteamed Records
Stan Tracey’s ReSteamed Records catalogue is now available for downloading or streaming on all digital platforms. Proper Music Distribution and ReSteamed Records have announced that Stan Tracey’s ReSteamed catalogue will be available to download and stream via all digital platforms (including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon MP3/Music ,worldwide from 16th February 2018.
Stan Tracey CBE died in 2013 at the age of 86. He was one of the most significant and celebrated British jazz musicians, known affectionately as “The Godfather of British Jazz” and responsible for a hugely impressive back catalogue of albums dating back to the 1950s. Tracey was house pianist at Ronnie Scott’s during the 1960s, performing with an array of legendary jazz musicians including Sonny Rollins, Yusef Lateef, Roland Kirk and Ben Webster (who played with Tracey on two of his ReSteamed releases).
In 1965 Tracey released a jazz suite inspired by Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood. It’s been praised as one of the finest British jazz albums, appearing at number 69 on the 2006 Jazzwise list of The 100 Jazz Albums That Shook the World and contained Starless and Bible Black, with its solo by Scottish tenor saxophonist and Tracey collaborator Bobby Wellins.
The 2006 reissue of Under Milk Wood marked the first release on Tracey’s ReSteamed Records, his new activation of Steam Records. He went on to issue a further twelve recordings on ReSteamed - both archival and new. All of these albums will be available on these streaming and download services.
Drummer Clark Tracey, Stan’s son, played extensively with his father. He has now taken over the running of the ReSteamed Records label. He’s also the author of The Godfather of British Jazz: The Life and Music of Stan Tracey which was published by Equinox Publishing in 2017.

The complete discography of ReSteamed Records is as follows:
RSJ101 The Stan Tracey Quartet - Under Milk Wood: Jazz Suite
RSJ102 The Stan Tracey Big Band - Alice in Jazz Land
RSJ103 Stan Tracey Orchestra - At the Appleby Jazz Festival
RSJ104 Stan Tracey & Bobby Wellins - Tracey/Wellins Play Monk
RSJ105 Stan Tracey & Keith Tippett - Supernova
RSJ106 Ben Webster & Stan Tracey - Soho Nights Vol. 1
RSJ107 Stan Tracey Octet - The Early Works
RSJ108 Stan Tracey Quartet - Senior Moment
RSJ109 Stan Tracey Octet - The Later Works
RSJ110 Stan Tracey - Soundcheck
RSJ111 The Stan Tracey Quartet - A Child's Christmas: Jazz Suite
RSJ112 Ben Webster & Stan Tracey - Soho Nights Vol. 2
RSJ113 Stan Tracey Quintet - The Flying Pig
Bruce Lindsay (Jazz Journal)
Acrobat"The Tubby Hayes Quartet - A Little Workout"
When the Tubby Hayes and his new quartet alighted on the Little Theatre in Rochester, Kent for two evenings' worth of performances during the winter/spring of 1966/67 both the leader and the bands music were in a period of transition. Drawing equal inspiration from both the recent innovations of Miles Davis and John Coltrane and the energy of his new, young and adventurous sidemen, Hayes was to turn these to-all-intents-and-purposes typical provincial club nights into definitive manifesto statements of his contemporary musical ambitions. Luckily, excerpts from both these performances were captured on tape. Occasionally bootlegged, the recordings made on these two gigs half a century ago illustrate everything the saxophonist had learned, experienced and pioneered up to that moment; from the blistering paint-off-the-walls bebop of Walkin, a solo to rank alongside any of John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins extended forays from the Sixties, through to the astonishing emotional denouement of a seventeen-minute deconstruction of Dear Johnny B. - this isn't Hayes merely on form; this is him on fire! This new Acrobat CD is the first ever release of these recordings and comes packaged with rare, hitherto unpublished photographs and a fascinating booklet note by award-winning saxophonist Simon Spillett author of The Long Shadow of The Little Giant: The Life, Work and Legacy of Tubby Hayes. Track list...
ARTCD"Art Themen's New Directions"
Art Themen is a veteran of the British jazz scene working initally with Michael Garrick in the late 1960's to the early 1970s. From 1975 through to 1993 he had a long association with Stan Tracey featuring in Stan's groups of all sizes from quartet to big band.
Art formed this new band to showcase some of the more challenging gems from established comosers such as Dexter Gordon, Charlie Mingus, Thelonius Monk and Horace Silver bringing musicality to material that you wouldn't normally hear. It reflects his desire for a fresh though accessible examination of this music, and the additional firepower of Gareth Williams, Arnie Somogyi and Steve Fishwick adds further variety to the repertoire.
The title of the album is a catchphrase adopted by the band as a wry reflection on the difficulties encountered in putting together a string of consecutive dates. The recording was made in 2016.
Track list...

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